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Elk pix?

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Hail all,

This is my only elk so far. got him long ago in South Dakota (1992). Stationed at Ellsworth AFB Rapid city. taken with a ben person Spoiler. 115gr muzzy. nead deer field lake in the balck hills.
Please share you pix and stories.


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Deerfield lake has some real good Elk. I took my first just outside of Hill City. Can't remember what they called the area it was down towards Pringle.

My boys and wife took their Elk in the northern Hills almost to WY, O'Neil Pass.

Scroll down to the story about Wade's Elk:
Thats a cool site!

I have pix of 3 5x5's and a spike but not any that are digital. If you can wait until mid November I hope to post some digital prints :thumb:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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