Elk Permit Winners

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    Has a list of the Elk Permit winners posted? I see a couple of you won permits, but I haven't seen a complete list of the winners.
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    October 2-6, 2017 Hunt Participants

    Susan Smith, Pocahontas, Either Sex – on-site draw winner
    Jason Dodson, Bella Vista, Antlerless
    Betty Brandt, Jasper, Antlerless – on-site draw winner
    Trinity Story, Yellville, Antlerless – on-site draw winner
    Jamee Spears, Jacksonville, Antlerless

    October 30-November 3, 2017 Hunt Participants

    Larry Mallette, Hot Springs, Either Sex
    Barton Moore, White Hall, Antlerless
    Bradley Stratton, Fayetteville, Antlerless
    Benjamin Moore, Brookland, Youth Either Sex
    Joshua Langston, Mountain View, Either Sex
    Garry Sanders, Fort Smith, Antlerless
    John Bruner, Washington, Antlerless
    Robert Smith, Quitman, Antlerless
    Randall James, Garfield, Antlerless
    Leslie Smithpeters, Arkadelphia, Antlerless
    Michael Freppon, Bald Knob, Youth Either Sex
    Robert Kumsher, Lakeview, Either Sex
    Scott Hart, North Little Rock, Antlerless
    Garry King, Mayflower, Antlerless
    Richard Holtquist, Farmington, Antlerless
    Jaydon Younger, Paragould, Antlerless
    Don Tomlinson, Batesville, Antlerless
    Nicholas Turpin, Benton, Either Sex
    Regina Gunderson, Morrilton, Either Sex
    Jason Burns, Bald Knob, Antlerless
    Nicholas Drake, Quitman, Antlerless
    Duane Hada, Yellville, Antlerless
    Bryan Black, Searcy, Antlerless
    Stefanie Weido, El Dorado, Antlerless

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    Are they listed by zone ?