Elite Archery Z28

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by wesman1039, Dec 22, 2010.

  1. wesman1039

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    Selling my 2009 Elite Archery Z28, 28" draw, 70# draw weight. This bow is in great shape. Has a small paint rub on the bottom of the bottom limb and a couple of scratches on the wood grip. $400 Bare Bow. I have the Whisker Bisuit sure shot pro and Trophyridge Hitman 5 sights I'll leave on it for $500. 870-219-6853

  2. possum

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    For anybody that's not familiar with the Elite's....they are an excellent shooting bow. Personal opinion of course.

  3. chadburgess2003

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    want a hot tub... ill trade ya
  4. Gford

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    For sure one of the best bows made... They are also lifetime warranty even if you are not the original owner:up:
  5. Bad Company

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    What is your reasoning for selling it if you don't mind me asking?
  6. wesman1039

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    I lost my job so a few things have to go for the time being.
  7. grits and gravy

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    That is one of elites best hunting bows. When tuned and shooting a ibo weight arrow that bow will hit 315 fps at 28 inch draw. I have tuned a few for the local shop and have gotten the ibo speed for all of them.
  8. roydchristopher

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    can this bow be changed to 31" draw length?
  9. cropdustersteve

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    Sweet shooting bows. :thumb: