Electrical question about my Norweco septic system

Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by JB Weld, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. JB Weld

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    I have a Norweco septic system. It is kind of like a mini-treatment plant that has an Aerating motor that hangs down into one of the concrete stacks.

    Out of this motor is a sealed yellow rubber 3 prong male 110v plug that plugs into a matching yellow rubber outlet that you wire onto the UF romex that is coming into the stack. The plug and outlet mate together to form a water tight seal. My problem is that due to the vibration of the spinning motor the yellow cord coming out of the motor was worn to the point of shorting out the wires.

    I cut the sealed plug off and found an aftermarket outlet in my shop that I could connect to the the existing wire. I then proceeded to mummify it in electrical tape. The diameter of the plug actually matched the diameter of the old plug so I got a pretty snug seal when I plugged it all back together. So I have (what I feel is) a good temporary fix for the wet area. Everything is just a churning away and stinking to high heaven since it has been off for about a week. :thumb:

    My question is where can I find a replacement for the actual sealed male plug with the attached wire so I can get back to the factory specs?
  2. towhead

    towhead Well-Known Member

    Maybe the manufacturer stocks parts.

  3. herb101

    herb101 Well-Known Member

    Photo of the old plug would help?
  4. Greyhound

    Greyhound Well-Known Member

    I would start with the manufacturer and ask for a parts list. One you have the list and a part number for the plug you can search for it online...or buy it from the manufacturer.
  5. allfunalltime

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    I know some folks that repair these types and what they said they do is a buy a tube of silicon and split the tube in half and with the male and female together they push it inside the split tube. The tube is split long ways so it covers a span in front and behind the plugs. I have done this with a lot of splices underground cause the kits you buy for this is filled with silicon.
  6. JB Weld

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    I will get a picture posted soon. I know my description leaves a lot to be desired.
    It is tough to get any parts list or any information from the manufacture. Norweco is not a DIY friendly company. These aerators are made by a generic manufacture and stamped Norweco.
  7. Red bone

    Red bone Well-Known Member

    If it is yellow it is probably a woodhead 14w47 watertite plug. And a 15w47 connector
  8. reflex1

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    Ya might try Kuykendall in Gravel Ridge - ask for Larry - I have the Jet system from him and he is very knowledgeable!
  9. JB Weld

    JB Weld Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    Thanks for the info. I will see if I can find a replacement.
    I had to get into the stack the other day, and my patch job is holding up much better than I expected.

    Red bone - That woodhead plug is just what I need! Thanks!
  10. Red bone

    Red bone Well-Known Member

    No problem you can find them at any electrical dist. Like wholesale electric or Graybar