Electric cat!

Discussion in 'Fishing' started by catfish1, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. catfish1

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    Yall ever get caught in the lightnin? Seriously does anyone know what causes this... We've caught a few of these over the years... I had a guy tell me it was from game and fish shocking...

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  2. lgoodson

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    Never seen one like that :confused:

  3. bigmac7825

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    I have caught a couple from stock ponds like that. I don't think electricity did it. Probably just a deformed fish. They still ate good though.
  4. Tink

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    Strange cat.
  5. odocoi

    odocoi Well-Known Member

    hung out under a log too long.
  6. John Stiles

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  7. zane

    zane Well-Known Member

    Scoliosis???????????? LOL
  8. mudcat71726

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    Caught a catfish similar to this two weeks ago on Upper white oak lake ouachita county agfc had been shocking earlier in the year:head:
  9. fisherman505

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    That deformity is just a birth defect and it's just as well that you got the critter out of the gene pool. Every year, I'll catch three or four walleye that are deformed like that and I've always wondered how they get around to catch their food. And as someone else mentioned, the critters still eat good.

    For three or four years, I used to go out with the F&G to do electric-shock surveys on walleye in Lake Norfork. We would shock up better than a hundred fish a night and near as I could tell, we didn't do them any harm. We would scoop them up in a long-handled net and put them in a holding tank and every 20 minutes or so, go in to the shoreline and do the survey and let the fish go. None of the fish were harmed.

    One night, the biologist kept maybe 20 fish and the next morning, he took them to the local hospital and had them x-rayed to see if electro-shocking was causing any broken bones. He said they all passed with flying colors but I was still a bit miffed that he didn't invite me to the fish fry after that.

  10. tdavis2

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    Looks like a Government improved species:fit:
  11. John Stiles

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    What, you mean like....crooked?:fit::razz:
  12. 12gaugeshotgunman

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    as a politition