Egg thief

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  1. Punkinseed

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    Me n wifey went to get todays eggs and when she walked in COOP DEVILLE, she said oh your turn to gather eggs! She even spit the egg back out for me
  2. Lt Gibson

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    Still a dumb name for chicken coop
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  3. Punkinseed

    Punkinseed Well-Known Member

    Well wife didnt wanna name it gibson sux
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  4. d2

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    If you didn't kill that chicken and turkey egg eating SOB it will continue to eat eggs. At least you should of thrown it in the river...d2
  5. This is the first year (in 5 years) that I have not had a rat snake turn up in my coop. Normally I have had a couple of them by now.
  6. hillbillycycles

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    When I was a kid I remember asking my grandma why there was a golf ball in every one of her nests. "Snakes," she replied. When I find a golf ball missing I just replace it.
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  7. betweenthecadrons

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    Now that made me laugh.
  8. My best summer for snakes got 7. They we 5'-7.5' long. One was crawling off with a little chicken I it's mouth. He didn't make it! Fortunately none were timber rattlers which I kill from time to time. The greatest thrill is to have a 7 footer take 2 turns around your bare leg while you try to brain it.
  9. Punkinseed

    Punkinseed Well-Known Member

    Got any pics of the 7 footer?
    Never seen one that big
  10. might have, know I've got some of a six footer. I can still feel the sucker that wrapped around my bare leg. Makes the hair on my neck stand up!
  11. [​IMG]

    This one is only between 5 & 6ft.butcwas grabbing Chicks.

    Timber rattler we fished out of the car engine. That was a problem!
  12. Punkinseed

    Punkinseed Well-Known Member

    The rattler in a motor could cause a problem! He nice
  13. Punkinseed

    Punkinseed Well-Known Member

    ImageUploadedByArkansas Hunting1492799043.462505.jpg ImageUploadedByArkansas Hunting1492799069.760390.jpg
    Had anothern today!
  14. Punkinseed

    Punkinseed Well-Known Member

    Where was the python?
  15. It was found in a other guy's engine! Any snake is attracted to the heat. My son parked his car and heard a hissing noise he though was the engine. Raising the hood he found that it was rattling not hissing. I hate snakes poisonous or not. Except for King snakes widest I had a huge king snake under the house, no rodents no other snakes.
  16. SwampThunder

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    I don't even have a chicken coupe but I got 4 dead snakes that's I am certain off. Hate em
  17. lilturkeyhunter

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    Well, my stance on snakes is as follows: if I meet up with one while I'm out and about in the woods, the snake lives as it is where it should be; if I meet up with one in my henhouse, yard, or my home terrain, it's bye bye snake.

    Late one evening, I went to get the eggs right about dark. Stuck my hand in a dark nest box only to grab a nice black snake. I screamed, it screamed, it puked up eggs.
    Another evening, I went in to close the ladies up and saw a huge snake eyeing my turkey poults. There was a mishap with my hoe. Snake was enormous! But it was no match for a mad turkey parent wielding a hoe. I hit that thing once, and the hoe broke. Turns out you can beat one to death with a stick.

    I'm all for ridding the world of egg thieves!
  18. Punkinseed

    Punkinseed Well-Known Member

    What a fatty of a ratsnake today! ImageUploadedByArkansas Hunting1496427427.952056.jpg
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