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Went duck hunting with a buddy at his farm near the White River Refuge. That evening we set out to do a little predator calling. Wasnt too excited due to the windy conditions, the first two stand came and went with no excitement; however, the third was partially a success.

The set up was perfect, set up the call a 50 yards from woodline wind blowing into the field. This gave the coyotes the choice of either cover or wind advantage. Bout 20 mins goes by and and we see two come out of the woods at about 400 yards and they immediately started the down wind circle. They stopped at what we thought was 300-350 and froze up. They had the wind and I knew it wasnt long till they figured it out. Used my second reticle and squeezed off a round. One went left the other went right, lost site of the one I shot at as it dipped into a low spot. I think it was a miss but we could only see the one on the left retreat back to the woods. Never found anything.

Not sure if shooting was the right call but I didnt want to chance them catching the wind and bugging out. You will miss 100% of the shots you dont take!

Better luck next time.
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