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At some time in the past, we have all gotten ticks while we were out turkey hunting. After talking to people, I have heard many horror stories about people getting rocky mountain spotted fever and they and thier doctors did not catch it early. With something like that, the longer it goes, the sicker you get. You can die from it if you are not treated. When I had it, I realized early that something was not right and I researched it and was able to determine that I had several symptoms. When I went to the doctor, he did not believe that is what I had until I spelled it out for him.
Educate yourselves so you will recognize the symptoms.
Some myths about rocky mountain spotted fever
1 A tick must have a white spot to be a carrier.
Not true. Any tick can carry and give you the fever.

2 A tick must be attached for some time to transmit the fever to you.
Not true. As soon as a tick bites you, it can give you the fever.

3 You will have a bullseye around the bite.
Not always. Many times the bullseye does not occur.

4 You will have a bullseye in the palm of your hand.
Same as above

Not all people have all symptoms so we should learn to recognise any and all or them.

Happy hunting and be safe.

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I am a big fan of permethrin. Since I started using it, I have had maybe two ticks total. That may not sound impressive, but this is over a span of 10+ years. I started using the military version before Repel began selling a weaker version under the Permanone brand.

I agree with flydown, you absolutely cannot be too careful. My taxidermist got bitten by a tick carrying Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. He was totally out of commision for over two months. It took almost a year to get back to what he considers "normal". He took hundreds of dollars worth of medicine over 6 months or so. That's pretty scary............ guys be safe.............
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