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Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by FroMan, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. Remmel Marsh and Controversy Corner are two of the only places out there with water. Even holding water, I'm not sure it'd be worth a trip up there.

    A buddy is up from LA and wanted to duck hunt. My boat isn't ready to go yet so was thinking about walking in somewhere.

    I can't find either of these spots on my Ed Gordon map and was wondering if one of yall would steer me in the right direction.

    I also realize this might not get any posts, because people don't want the world knowing about where there's water, especially if there's ducks...so...

    If you wanna give a brother an early Christmas present at least tell me which area are these two places. I can find a hole myself. :up:
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    Remel marsh is The field directly to your left as your comming into the parking area at blackwell... But man . I seriously would take my outastate buddy there.. I havnt been there this year, except to scout before season, but its really bad conditions there and if there is water, the area aint holdin many ducks... I cant even imagine how many people may be in that one little area...

  3. and airboats, huh Flytime?
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    Geeeezzz, everywhere i go! Cant get away from it...
  5. just funnin' ya!
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    Man I don't know what they call controversy corner but it might be the first entrance on the west side. Brutal walk though!
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    Was there this morning, being theres not much water I have only been there twice this year and I cant say that I will be back. but I might??.....To walk in you'll wanna take the "service" road that runs beside the new liquor store, it turns to dirt and go right when the road makes a "T" and walk in there. There has been alot of folks walking in there from what my buddy has told me and they have been going in Really Early to get the spot. This morning I only saw 2 other guys that had walked in from that side. The thing is the water is falling outta there pretty Fast and the manager today said they are trying to buy more water but is not sure if they will be able to?...I can tell you that field is where every DUCK in Conway co. is Roosted but after that first shot they was up and outta there, with only a few small groups coming back in later on, but felt like I was pissin in the wind about 830 especially after they all got up and left!..Good luck if yall go, you might just have a pretty Good Hunt if you stick it out! :up: