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Discussion in 'Muzzleloading' started by towhead, Dec 3, 2012.

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    I saw some powerbelt bullets today at a local store and was amazed at the price. $28 for 15 I believe.:eek: I haven't bought any since I stocked up when I got my Kodiac. If this is the going rate at other stores, I'm going to go back to cast bullets. I love the accuracy of the powerbelts but I'm sure I can work up a decent load with maxi balls , buffalo bullets, or something that I can cast much more cheaply.
    Maybe I just need to go back to my TC hawkin. What do you guys use in your inlines?
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    SST' and Deep Curls is what I shoot the most with some XTP's throwed in there. Out of my White muzzie I shoot Bull shop's and TC maxi balls.

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    I am experimenting with Remington JHP's and XTP's and aftermarket sabot's. Since I load 240 gr XTP's in my 44 mag I have several hundred on the shelf. I'll be able to shoot for around 25-30 cents per shot for bullet and sabot, not counting powder and primer. Lots cheaper than almost $2 per shot for the Powerbelts. I have shot Barnes Red Hot bullets for probably 15 or more years with great results but at a buck fifty per shot practice gets expensive.
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    I'm a fan of Precision Rifle's Extreme Elite HPs. They shoot great and are cheaper than most - 12/$7.50. They make some of the best ML bullets out there, but the tipped bullets are more expensive. Still good prices compared to what's available at Walmart, and you can't beat the selection. No, I'm not paid by or associated with them. I just like their bullets :up:
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    If you got the stuff to cast yourself your good to go with most conicals out of the Hawkin. I wanted something to rival the accuracy I got from 44 cal bullets in a sabot so I opted for a .50-70 cast bullet. Great accuracy out of my inline.

    I'm with Mr. C on this. When I was shooting store bought stuff I figured it up and I was burning $1.25-$1.50 each shot. And that was with some sabots and bullets bought separately, then put together. I figured there had to be a better way.

    So I bought a $20 mold online and some lead at the local scrap yard and walla, I have bullets to shoot for WAY less than previously. Powder still stays the same, but I try to get it on sale. I can shoot anywhere from $.20 to $.40 a shot. I have even thought about trying some of the new powder seeing how I can shoot so cheaply now. If I were to really scrimp, I can get my shots down to a little over a dime a piece. No lies either.
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    Problem solved. Went to brother in law to borrow mold and was handed a double handfull of maxi balls instead:up:. Now I just have to work up a good load. A one big hole group at 50 yards is what I get with the power belts but the same 90 gr charge only gets the maxi balls to hit one inch apart. I think a little adjustment will tighten that up considerably. Even so thats already minute of deer. And much much cheaper.
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  7. T/C sells the 240 XTP MAG in a value pack with a unknown but quality sabot (appears very similar to the MMP) at discount stores for a very good price.

    They are deadly on deer at 2000 fps.