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Echo Pure Meat

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Thinking about getting one who has blown one and what's your thoughts?
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Very nice call. Pretty close to the XLT, you can just produce whines from the pure meat easier. You would be happy if you got one.
Got one and love it !!! It's got lots of duck in it . Go up to Rick's and try you one .
I'll sell you one for $75 but it needs a new cork and reed!
Echo makes the best all around calls on the market. Never tried one that I didn't think was at minimum OK. YMMV.
just bought a tracer this past weekend and love it! Great Call!!!:thumb:
pure meat is an awesome call, one of the most versatile out there.....go for it
The DRT would be perfect for these call shy ducks .
i got the primemeat whenechomade it best call i have its same as pure meat now
The only difference is the Pure Meat has Ricks Signature and the Prime Meat has Kent's signature .
whats the best all around echo? I was looking at getting the XLT
The difference between the meat hanger and pure meat is ones a double reed the other is a single reed . These are nothing like the XLT their like the XLT on Steroids . You can produce a highball and hold it then drop to a cluck with no problem . If I could get a sound file up I'd show ya .
whats the best all around echo? I was looking at getting the XLT
the XLT is a good call ,but ain't like the pure meat .
Pure Meat is the best call Echo makes. XLT is loud, but you can't get the low end like you can w the our meat. Pure Meat is still loud enough to compete w the AR cut-downs and the RNT mondos, but it has a great ducky, low end with it. You can get soft with it on call shy birds.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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