Eating deer heart/liver

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by Polywog, Oct 22, 2012.

  1. After reading the thread about how long it takes to clean your deer it seems that many folks don't gut their deer anymore which leaves the heart and liver off the menu.. Thats usually the first parts to hit the skillet for me, so I was wondering if anybody else eats the heart and liver from their deer??
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    The heart is one of my favorite parts. Will probably have one for supper tonight.

  3. jdrake19

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    Never have but I'm up for it. How do you cook it? Fried?
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    I always shoot them right thru the heart, so don't ever get to eat it.
  5. I like the liver fried with onions and peppers.. The heart can be cut in strips and fried or grilled.. :up:
  6. gunslinger66

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    I haven't tried the liver but have some in the freezer along with kidneys too. The heart is mine and my sons favorite part seasoned with a little cavenders and fried in a little bacon grease.
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    I don't eat any of the guts.
  8. tmeredith

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    I had a duck hunting buddy who always wanted me to save the duck hearts, gizards and livers. I'd carry 'em to him in a ziploc bag and say, here's your guts!
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    I had heart and tenderloins last night for supper. To prepare a heart slice all the fat off the outside. then slice the heart horizontally starting at the bottom in 3/8" slices then trim off the hard white parts and inside the chambers near the top there are white filaments that I cut out.. Season it with Tony's creole seasoning, a little onion and garlic powder and some black pepper. Shake it up good in a ziplock bag to coat with the seasonings, then pour in a little flour and shake it again to coat it all good then fry in bacon fat at about medium heat. I like to cook it until the flour on the outside is golden brown color. It and the tenderloins last night was a feast fit for a King.
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    what does the liver do in an animals body ?

    can anybody answer that ?
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    I hate the taste of liver. I finally found some ways to eat duck so it doesn't have such a strong gamey taste.

    I remember watching Andrew Zimmerman eat a beating heart from a rabbit I believe. That just about made me sick. :yuck:
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    It's a filter but the liver has many functions. :head:
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    Since I don't gut my deer I don't eat the heart or liver.

    I used to know a guy that ate the lungs. he fried them in butter. I told him I wasn't that hungry.
  16. :eek:
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    Ive thought about trying the liver before but havent so far.

    Eating the heart has never entered my mind. :skeptical:
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  19. Native americans and sustenance hunters would have eaten the tongue, liver, heart, neck meat, testicles, ribs, and marrow from the bones.

    We're clearly overfed.
  20. You can add my Grandad and Dad to that list as well.. My Grandad and Dad would have the brains mixed with eggs from any animal we killed.. We didn't eat the ribs or bone marrow but saved them for the dogs.. They didn't waste anything.. Growing up during the Great Depression would do that to you I suppose..:up: