easton axis 340s or carbon express max huntr 250s

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by bottmhtr, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. bottmhtr

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    Which of these arrows do u guys like the best. I havebeen shooting axis 340s but I had some new arrows fletched and a friend took mine in and I got back the carbon exp max htrs 250s. I don't know how the mix up occurred, and the bow shp said not a problem to take back the maximas and make me some axis and I am not in a big hurry. So what say ye. thanks. Another thing axis made in usa, maxima in korea. I try to buy usa as much as possible.
  2. NWA Bowhntr

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    I would have them make me some Axis arrows up! I really like Axis arrows, I've had great luck out of them!

  3. SR4

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    x2....I dont have anything against carbon express, but I've been shooting axis for 3 yrs now and love them. They've served me well.