East Arkansas Fur Takers Fall meeting

Discussion in 'Trapping' started by armyguy, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. armyguy

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    The East Arkansas Fur Takers Fall Convention will be upon us before we know it. As in the past, the event is scheduled for the first Saturday in October (October 7th). We have chosen a new venue this year; Cook’s Lake – info is below. We are working on setting up the demo list and activities and will make that information available as soon as things are firmed up. Fall convention is a great time of food and fellowship – hope to see you there!

    East Arkansas Fur Takers Fall Convention
    Saturday, Oct. 7th
    Potlatch Conservation Education Center
    625 Cooks Lake Rd
    Casscoe, AR 72026

  2. duckboy32

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    Looking forward to it!
  3. curdog1

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    Is it true that coons are gonna open up at 18.00?
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  4. SwampCat

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    18.00 pesos, maybe.
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  5. JR1

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    That'd be right at a dollar with today's exchange rate. Sounds about right for a coon in today's market.
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  6. curdog1

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    Coon and coyote season should be year around since they are nuisance predators and fur is so cheap. It'd help the turkeys and quail and deer
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  7. armyguy

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    Agree completely
  8. SwampCat

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    Our G&F is worried about the public perception of increasing the coon and coyote season by a couple months. Georgia - which very nearly voted Democrat in the last election - has a G&F sponsored coyote killing contest. I think there may be more bleeding hearts within our G&F than within the general state population.
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