Easiest PVC feeder build?

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by jjarvis0007, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. jjarvis0007

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    Wanting to build one real quick this week. Anything special I need to know. Seems fairly easy to me? Does it need a drain hole? Glue or no glue?
  2. Tink

    Tink Well-Known Member

    Built this without cost me nothing and the corn last a lot longer then in a gravity feeder.

  3. I use a 4.5 ft long piece of pvc pipe. PUt a Y splitter at the bottom and cap of the bottom end. Then put something over the top of the pipe so it won't fill up with rain and put a few wholes in the cap on the bottom so that water can drain out that comes in the Y where the deer eat from.
  4. John Stiles

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    Don't use glue.......takes forever for the smell to go away if it ever does! Pop rivets or screws work just as well, and take apart easier!
  5. We just used the pipe, about 5 ft. cut v in bottom. use small coffee can for top (you will always have somthing to get corn from bag) and bailing wire to attatch to nearest tree. Put wire in two places, high and low so deer dont move it around. you can also add hog wire arount tree in a v shape leading to feeder late season, acts as an antler trap!!