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Earlier than Oklahoma!

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For everyone who feels our season is way too late, I found something to be happy about. I was just marking my new 2012 calendar with all of my important dates (turkey seasons and wife's birthday... in that order), and I found this.
Oklahoma is taking some pretty drastic measures in their Southeastern zone (read: Ouachita mountains... where they have the same problems as the AR Ouachita mountains). Their season there is April 23 through May 6! Bag limit 1! Ouch!
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Yep - several of us SW AR folks used to go over to OK and hunt the weekend before our season opened. Won't be doiing that anymore. I guess we could hunt after our season - for whatever that is worth.
Yeah, but everyone says the turkeys are "gobbled out" by the time our season even opens, let alone after it closes!:rolleyes:
Like you though SwampCat, I knew some guys from the Fort Smith area that used to hunt over on the OK side of the Ouachitas, and it sounded like a gold mine back in the day.
It was a gold mine back in the mid 80's.From Heavener south and west was fantastic.
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