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    Been noticing this really big, dark colored hawk hanging around for the past 3 or 4 months. He usually can be seen in one of several trees within sight of my house. A couple of months ago he was in a tree in my yard, about 20 yards from the upstairs window of the room my computer is in. I was looking at him while looking on the computer and low and behold he wasn't the biggest hawk I'd ever seen, but an immature bald eagle. Finally got around to get'n a few pictures of it today.

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    That's neat!! Thanks for sharing
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    Seeing eagles so close to home give me chills. Majestic and awe inspiring. Patriotic Pride....

    I used to see them all the time just outside of Hickory Ridge as they migrate. Always neat to see them in person.

    Thanks for the pictures!
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    Cool pics!! Thanks for sharing.
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    There were 15-20 eagles in two trees by my house the other day. The just composted a field and the were there eating the chicken parts I guess. Wish I had my camera!
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    My dad has a nesting pair near his home that has been there for several years. He watches them all the time as they soar and hunt over the 80 acre lake behind his house. They are one of the many beautiful creations of God.
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    nice! god bless america!!
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    Give him another year, They are not good eating until they have the white cap.
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    Nice pics!

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