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    Well I need a mind break from actual work, and curdog wanted me to post a review on the E-collar I got for Christmas, so here it goes.

    I don't know if this brand is popular among dog trainers or not, but I have found it to work great. Has 100 different shock levels, a vibrate only button and a 2 mile range.

    When I first started working with my pup (around 3.5 months old) I could not get him to pay me any attention even with a mild shock and I didn't want to scare him too bad so I decided to wait a month. At 4 months old, I had him neutered. Oh man, what a difference that made. He came home a whole new dog, ready to listen and learn.

    We have been working about two weeks now, about 30 minutes 3 or 4 times a week. He will sit, lay down, get in his kennel, and lay on his bed in the living room every time I ask. occasionally I vibrate the collar, but haven't had to shock him in a week.

    The best part, and what I wanted him to learn the most, was that when I yell "here", he will stop whatever he is doing and run straight at me and lay at my feet every time.

    I have always wanted a well trained dog and I think this Brittany will be the one. His obedience at under 5 months old is astounding to me.

    Don't know how much was the collar and how much was the neutering, but either way I couldn't be happier.

    This collar is super easy to use, very ergonomic, and holds a charge well. I'd recommend it to anyone looking at a new e collar.


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    Sounds like you got a smart dog YK