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  1. chadburgess2003

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    Got me a Dutch oven for christmas. Does anyone have any good recipes I can try out. Never done any dutch oven cooking.
  2. There are a lot of good web sites out there for recipes. I will try and link some soon.
    Season it and use it. Clean it correctly and you'll have a good time with it.
    I have a thing for cast iron. It's addictive........and heavy.
    My wife is patient with me on this.......:biggrin:

  3. Like soarkrebel said, season it and use it.. I prefer to season my cast iron with lard (just seems to hold up better than regular cooking oil).. The dutch oven really shines around a campfire.. You can make biscuits, peach cobbler or just about anything you can image with one once you figure out how to regulate the temp.. They have classes at different places around the State through the County Coop Extention Service..:up:

    Check some of these out:http://arkdos.org/dnn/Links/tabid/54/Default.aspx
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    Amen to what has been said already, you just cannot beat cast iron!

    --But a lady told me a while back that she only uses bacon grease to season her iron (she's a Civil-War era rein-actor) and I've always wanted to try that...:biggrin:
  5. I have a newer skillet that I have been frying bacon in a lot to help season it.
    It's got a long way to go to get to my Grandmothers old skillet that is absolutely coated.......:smack:

    I have an old dutch oven that got rusted and I cleaned it up. I seasoned it with crisco for now but think I will do some frying in it with bacon or a while and then do some roasts or something to get her coated.
    I also found that if you use one to bake your taters in it sure works fine.
    Sped up the baking time over foil a lot.
  6. dirtdart

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    Already been said....that peach cobbler made in a dutch oven is awesome. Biscuits at 9,000ft are pretty good too. Makes me think of some pretty good spike camps I spent some time in.

    Those things are a must if you spend days at a time camping in something other than an RV.
  7. chadburgess2003

    chadburgess2003 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the links I'll make sure I print some of them out. I've never done any cast iron cooking. Y'all have talked about seasoning it I know it says i
    t's preseasoned but I guess I still need to do something to it I guess????
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    I'm with you Chad. I got a dutch oven for Christmas from my mother-in-law last year. It's been sitting in the attic for exactly one year now. Then I got one this Christmas from my mom! I guess I must give off the impression that I'm a dutch oven guy. Might be posting one for sale on here. I'd really like to have a good-sized iron skillet.

    I'm wondering about the preseasoned thing too. Are they generally good to go, or should you still try to season them some more?

    I could not imagine packing this thing to spike camp. It's a biggun. Carrying it to the car is about more pain the the rear than I'm willing to tackle. I'm gonna give it a shot, but I dont see myself using it much.
  9. the more you use it for fryin the better itseasons its self just use it ant you will learn i only clean mine with a wet rag on inside been told never use dishsoap on th insid suppose to take out your seasonsing
  10. QCDually5.9

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    Welcome to the club. :up: Be warned though, it can become habit forming. I started with a couple of square skillets and got into Griswolds and Wagners of all shapes and sizes. There is ALOT of info on the web about cast iron care. What was done 100 years ago still works today BUT, there are better ways now. Here's my take from my on experience. It's best to season over the bbq grill. For external seasoning, use spray pam like a can of paint after the iron has gotten really hot. (lots of thin coats) Seasoning the inside is done for two reasons and takes much longer. One is as a rust preventative, the other as a nonstick surface. Cook lots of fatty foods (fry fish, bacon, etc.) Stay away from stews that contain tomatoes and acidic foods, and dishes with alot of sugar till you have it truely seasoned. Also, Cleanup should be with water and washcloth only. Heat to completely dry after washing. Wooden utensils (no metal scrapers allowed) And apple cider vinegar is your friend. You'll find lots of info about that on the web. When will dinner be ready? :thumb:
  11. Hobbshunter

    Hobbshunter Well-Known Member

    When you season over a grill, would it matter if it's charcoal or propane?

    You use the apple cider vinegar for cleaning?
  12. flintknapper

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    I've seasoned on a propane grill and charcoal, not much difference--just don't do the first seasonings in the house! It can make a lot of smoke...:whistle:

    When the seasoning in my iron skillets wears thin, I just do a couple of batches of cornbread with a little extra oil, that blackens them right up. Probably works good for a Dutchy, too.
  13. TMHC

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    Season that thing by cooking a whole bunch of chopped up onions in bacon grease. Caramelized onions in bacon grease.:thumb:
  14. I love my skillets. I just cooked my breakfast on one. Even though I am in my camper I almost always cook outside on cast iron or open fire grill.
    When I clean the skillets I will get the grease warm and wipe it out. If it has some stuff that needs more cleaning I will put hot water in it and put it on a flame. Scrape with a plastic spatula then rinse....as soon as I do that I put it right back on the flame to dry.
    Put a little veggie oil in it and I store my big one in the oven of my camper.
    Dutch ovens I will coat and put on a grill upside down....like it has been said they will smoke up you house.
    I clean the dutch ovens the same.......just make sure to regulate the heat and don't put cold water on them when they are warm or hot....I always use hot water so not to shock the cast iron.

    I cook with charcoals or hardwood coals.
    You did get a dutch oven and not a camp oven.....a camp oven doesn't have legs and the top doesn't have a ridge.
    They are good for cooking stews or chili though....hang from a tripod and they work too.
  15. I know you can get cast iron at Wal-Mart or Academy but if your ever around Bald Knob theres a store down town called Collison's that has cast iron items you won't find at a chain store.. Here's another good place to get cast iron items on-line..http://www.lehmans.com/
  16. Man why are you tempting me......:biggrin:
    I have been bad for years about picking the stuff up. I found a bunch in an old falling down house......I know the owner and they said take it. Rusty but I sand blasted it cleaned it up and seasoned it.
    Works great.
    I have a little mini skillet in my truck now that needs basting.....found it laying around an old house place.
    ever used one of those flat griddles......I like mine.
    Another one I have is like a tortilla skillet....another is awesome for fajitas....
    I will check out lehmans.
  17. QCDually5.9

    QCDually5.9 Well-Known Member

    One of the guys at deer camp got started collecting cast iron after he seen some of mine. Kind of been a competition ever since to see who could come up with the oldest or most unusual items. I had one up on him for several years with a Griswold Dutch oven that is big enough to roast an entire full grown deer ham. But he found a large cast iron wok. And now I've got to have one.
    And yes, the apple cider vinegar is a great cleaner for cooked on foods. The web is full of good info, both old way and new way.
  18. chadburgess2003

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    Thanks all for the responce. Ive got a few cast iron skillets I use in the house but never cooked with any over a open fire. I think ima like it. Ima big camper always used my propane grill but i think ima like this cast iron deal once i get the hang of it. Going to make a big differance on cooking at camp.
  19. I built a big expanded metal grill to go over the fire. I have placed a skillet with oil and fried taters on it many times.
    You cook anything over that fire that you can on propane. Just got to have the fire going ahead of time.....:razz: