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I have some old 2X6s that are collecting dust. I used to love those things. I agree a #2 is dangerous. You could miss a turkey and hit someone 80 yards through the woods and hurt them bad.

Every gun shoots differently. Some shoot 4s better, some 5s, some 6s. Mine shoots 6s better.

I can see shooting the middle of the neck, but I do not body shoot turkeys.

Many of the birds I have killed involved several people working the bird at once. I have killed birds where I could hear 3 other parties calling. I was raised that way though. I have seen my dad spook turkeys when it became apparent someone else was going to kill it. I do not practice that, but I will try to call one off someone else (in a safe manner of course!).
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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