Dumb Question....Forgive me.

Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by BDW, Dec 27, 2010.

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    I just have to ask...Why do some calls have the barrel turned around backwards? Is there a purpose for it, or is it just for looks? Is it for calls that have been cut down? If so, why?

    Please excuse my ignorance. It's just something I've always wondered about.

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    you are blowing on the right end, right?
  4. BDW

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    I was looking at the duck calls in the Mack's catalog.....I think it's DJ's Calls that I was looking at. (They look like the old PS Olt calls.) There's an "old style" call with the barrel turned normal, with the big part of the barrel towards the insert. Then, there's and "Arkansas Style" cut down call with the barrel turned backwards....Same barrel, just turned backwards. The DFB calls look like the barrel is turned backwards, too.

    I was just curious....Maybe it was a dumb question. :shrug:
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    I have heard a few different stories as to "Why" they were turned around but who knows.

    One was that turning the barrel around allowed the new end piece to be hollowed out therefore forcing more air into the call.

    The other was the old Bakelite calls were bad to crack where the insert fits in........so, you could turn it around and get more use out of it without buying a new call.

    Who knows if there was any real rhyme or reason to it.:shrug:
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    Thank you, Sir.....:up:
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    the reason is that the old olts would have a tendency to cut or scratch your lips if they were blown the factory way........ it also allows for A WHOLE LOTS MO AIR TO BE BLOWN INTO THE CALL...........
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    The old Olts had a tendency to lose their inserts after years of use due to a lose fit. When you turn them around backwards they fit tighter. Thats what I was told by some duck hunting legends around here.
  9. I've been told that with the barrel around backwards that the calls are louder...perhaps due to the need for more air when blowing the call.

    I don't really know though, I don't call much. :biggrin:
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    I don't call either, if I learn how to call then thats less shooting I get to do. :biggrin:
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    the "OLDTIMERS" say it was so the spit could run out??? who knows?? everybodys different
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    Thats the story I've heard too. By some really old farts...:razz: