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The El Nino thread got to me thinking about what truly controls our weather. I mean yes some years are warmer, wetter, dryer, colder. But all in all why has is changed so much in the last 20 years? My degree is in environmental science so I took a lot of climatology classes, mapping, geography, and such. Weather patterns have always interested me. The el nino / la nina patterns have always been around. There is also a lot to do with ice caps melting adding fresh water to salt water which causes current reactions and in turn storm or weather systems. Even with all of this it still puzzled me why it seems summer is lasting longer than it use to and in the same effect so is winter. As a kid I remember playing football in October and needing jackets.....muzzle loading season lighting heaters...wearing thermals bow hunting. By the same token I never remember playing baseball in colder temps. fast forward 10-15 years and I remember opening weekend of deer season using a thermacell and hunting in a t shirt. Same as playing baseball games in March in high 40's temps even sleeting rain. So I did a little research, and formed my own theory.

Seasons, not weather patterns are determined by one simple thing, the earth position with the sun. This position is the tilting of the earth on its axis, we all know this from geography in jr high, in the summer time the earth is tilted downward giving the US more direct and closer range to the sun, therefore being our summer. The winter is the opposite in which we are tilted away. Spring and Fall are simply the transition periods. Once again this is all common knowledge. But what if these weather anomalies, snow in march, floods in June, 90 degree days in winter ect. So here is my theory, what if due to mass, the earths tilting speed has changed....this is what some call a climate shift, which is what it is, but what causes it. Say weight distribution on the earth surface, or some event such as an earthquake or volcano eruption in the last 10-15 years has cause the timing of the tilting to change therefore cause the earth to tilt slower or faster. The earth may still be tilting the same speed, but did it have a hiccup and throw off the timing. There has been some research on it and it makes a valid point. Is February the new December? June the new April? Just thought it was something interesting.

As far as the ducks go, I saw more ducks last year in March in the areas I hunt than I did in November-February combined. Definitely something to think about. Curious to your guys thoughts on our weather pattern?
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