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Duck wing for dog training?

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Hey guys, what is the best way to preserve a duck wing for dog training? I've heard freeze it, I've heard salt it but I can't remember the correct procedure to do it. Thanks ya'll!:thumb:

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You'd only need to salt it or put it in borax if it had a lot of flesh on it. I've used frozen ones from last year that worked fine. For that matter, good or bad I've used a whole duck from last year. Saved it because it was too shot up to eat.
If the wing does not have much meat on it you don't need to do anything but as previously mentioned a borax/salt will preserve it. I use duct tape and tape the wing to a training dummy.
I'm using the freezer, no salt. Another good tape to use is electrical black tape. It is smaller and you can stretch it easier to get it a good tight hold. But I am guessing it is not as good a duct tape in the water
I just freeze several and change them out when they get ratty. I use zip ties to attach them to the dummy.
Thanks for all the help guys! :thumb:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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