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Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by juleo, Dec 4, 2012.

  1. juleo

    juleo Well-Known Member

    My wife works with a couple of prominant chefs and they came across a recipe that calls for 2 pounds of duck tongues...

    Has anyone ever used them for cooking purposes or ever attempted to remove a duck tongue?

    I was volunteered to provide them and am sitting here wondering how many dang tongues it would take to make 2 pounds?

    If anybody in the Conway area would like to donate their harvested duck tongues to amuse these guys, I will be accepting them in the near future. Shoot me a message or a text and I can meet you in town somewhere, I live on the West side of town and work on the East side, so anywhere in between would be greatly appreciated by the city slicker chefs.
  2. cuppinducks

    cuppinducks Well-Known Member

    that is ALOT of duck tounges.

  3. i couldnt imagine trying to get their tounges out of their head! i guess after a couple hundred the other 1,000 would get easier :head:
  4. juleo

    juleo Well-Known Member


    I tried to explain the the guy that it was a pretty weird request and asked him if he had been boozing. All I could think would be to take a hammer and bust their head from the side and a pair of needle nose pliers to yank it out?
  5. stumpy waters

    stumpy waters Account Suspended

    Forget about how many would make two pounds or how hard it would be to get out.

    WHO eats duck tongues??? :eating:
  6. nturchi

    nturchi Well-Known Member

    I would think a spoonie tongue would get you to two pounds a little quicker.
  7. js05_14

    js05_14 Well-Known Member

    Good luck with that. Maybe those chefs should just get two pounds of tongues here for $35 plus shipping.
  8. WILDMAN44

    WILDMAN44 Well-Known Member

    Forget that i want to see someone cut out 2 pounds. How long would that take?? haha
  9. feetdownky

    feetdownky Well-Known Member

    Open mouth, grab with fingers, yank. We use to put them in peoples shell boxes, duck calls, gloves, etc. Slow days can be alot of fun at times, that is back when I used to get out of bed for slow days.
  10. snydedawg

    snydedawg Well-Known Member

    I'll have to have one hell of a lot better season if I'm EVER gonna see two pounds of tongues!!!!
  11. juleo

    juleo Well-Known Member


    I did some research and found the same thing. I sent him the link and told him that would be a much better idea. Might start selling them myself if you can get 17.50/lb for them.

    I read about the company and they say you make your order and the birds are "harvested" upon your order to be ". So if you order 5 pounds of tongues during a slow time at the duck farm, what the heck are they going to do with the 100's of ducks they have running around without tongues?
  12. GBacon

    GBacon Well-Known Member

    oooohhhhhh,,, OK, now I know why I can't get some of those ducks to answer back when I call.....thought it was just me, but now I know the truth!