Duck mount??

Discussion in 'Taxidermy' started by buckfever_04, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. buckfever_04

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    I decided I want to try to mount a duck. I have plenty to practice on and should have a few more if it will rain a little. I have been reading and I saw alot of people using borax and dry presevatives. Does the borax work the same? Will the mount start breaking down and smelling? Any secrets on what to use or how to would be appreciated.
  2. buckfever_04

    buckfever_04 Well-Known Member

    Oh and any pointers on the type of duck I should start with would be great. I have teal, wood duck, mallard, gadwall. If something else would be better let me know

  3. tman

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    u let me know when you want ducks and i will bring them to you woodies if that is ok text or call 870-723-6745
  4. ssgcole

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    yes borax works for ducks, u need to be sure to scrape the skin well, there is oil glands at the base o the tail, be two of them they need to come out or you will have oil leak out on the feathers, i gas mine for a bit to help get the oil out of skin, wash with dawn and be sure to tumble with hardwood sawdust or corn cob, u can blow dry with hair dryer, get feathers good and fluff before mounting, there is a forum that will help. goto "" it will help u learn. jt
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    Thanks tman but I have plenty of wood ducks we limit them pretty much everytime we go.
  6. buckfever_04

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    ssgcole thanks for the info I got on that forum and it is great for anyone that is thinking about doing some taxidermy. I found a guy in gasville that does some classes and I am going up there after the first of the year. Figured if I was going to do it I might as well go on and spend the money and get someone to teach me.
  7. ssgcole

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    your welcome, took lessons some myself, mostly on ducks, self taught on deer and mammals by video and, got a shop open now, my second year, only parttime but doin alright, goodluck, jt
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    Just remember on the bag limits on them ducks and such. There is a lot of rules on this i'm told, I have no clue. Good luck.
    Post a photo when you get one done.