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Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by dryoga, Mar 26, 2018.

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    In my group youngest gets the ducks when we don’t have a dog with us. Thankfully I have gotten old and we usually always have a teen with us that loves running through a field. We usually manage this like sportsmen and try to make sure everyone in the group gets some shooting in if the ducks finish predominately on one side. We will switch sides etc..Also I have known some crackerjack retrievers but never a one that would take a duck back to who they thought shot it. LOL

    Wardens worrying about rules like that is what aggravates me the most. When we are down to that being our biggest wildlife problem we have I probably still wouldn’t understand but in my opinion we are a LONG way from that. Some rules just don’t make sense. This is one ranks up there.
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    I just ask the questions. I have become aware of the rule since we were approached by FW. They don't play around at all.

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    What part did the FW say to you was wrong? The stacking of ducks or unloading your gun? Stacking sure.

    Having a loaded gun after a limit of ducks(only) will never fly. As posted the FW needs to realize that one is still legal to shoot mergs, snow geese, Canada geese, Speck geese, fur bearer, as well as any small game in season.
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    Actually, I saw the FG stop a boat that was leaving our blind. I knew what the laws was about stacking. Fifteen or so of the duck we had killed that morning were stacked up by me as my lab had made most of the retrieves. I grabbed up the ducks, got in our blind, and put the duck in limits. Then told the each of the guys whose limit was theirs and to unload their gun. We had a partial limit left that I assigned to one of our guys who informed FG that he could keep on shooting. We were hunting green timber, and I was not quick enough to think of things we could be hunting. If the situation comes again and I have a limit of mallards, I am going to say I was waiting on some geese. I will tell them I got the idea from the ArkansasHunting Forum.
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    I respect the job any LEO does but I don't respect 75% of their brains. They don't even know the rules they enforce...
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    Se ark
    Or bobcat and snipe.