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Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by jblack, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. jblack

    jblack Well-Known Member

    Has anyone been duck hunting out at Bell Slough or Harris Break this season? Has anyone every went jump shooting at either place?

  2. yellowlab

    yellowlab Well-Known Member

    Hope your not looking for a place just to go jump shoot ducks lolol...c'mon man

  3. stumpy waters

    stumpy waters Account Suspended

    No need to jump shoot at Harris Break. Plenty of water, plenty of ducks.
  4. yellowlab

    yellowlab Well-Known Member

    Been scouting it stumpy?
  5. Cache

    Cache Well-Known Member

    Harris Brake is not a place to wander around in if you haven't scouted it before flooding. There are several creeks / ditches that are well over anyone's head. When flooded there is no indication or warning of the sudden drop-off. Also, they had a tornado blow several trees over a couple of years ago leaving deep holes where the root ball came up. I hunt Harris Brake but I know the area. If you're not familiar with the've been warned. Also, only half of the area they normally flood has water. I haven't gone up there this year but I'm sure it's more crowded than ever.
  6. jblack

    jblack Well-Known Member

    Well i have only been duck hunting twice in my life. Not really just for jump shooting. I just get tired of sitting so i like to get up and move around.

    Went last week and got one gadwal hen i winged it and my friend finised it.
  7. timbertalkn

    timbertalkn Well-Known Member

    check out the fish ponds in lonoke...lots of birds