Duck hunting the good ol days

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    All this talk about spinning wing decoys and ole runners got me to thinking about duck hunting back in the 80's. I grew up near the Black River but didnt start hunting ducks til I was in high school. Used to go hunt with a bunch of old Catholic guys ( if hunting was good they went to mass on Satruday night) . The rarely left the ramp at Shavers eddy before daylight and I dont know how many times we crossed the 24 and redline levees to see thousands of birds working thier decoys - if we hunted a hole. Sometimes we would just go down river and walk out in the timber without any decoys and they would light mallards right through the tree tops. None of them blew high dollar calls most blew Mallard tones that you could buy in town for about 7 dollars. My favorite of these guys had his tied around his neck on a shoe string. He would kind of squawk on it when birds flew over and usually one of them would turn and fly in an he would let us young hands empty our guns then raise up and shoot it as it was leaving the timber. The same old guys would fish a pork chop or a biscuit out of his pocket which was usually covered with pin feathers and offer you some of it. The limit was two mallards a man and those guys usually got em and had a good time doing it . Used to pass around a jug of Muscadine wine from time to time and one of them would always have a smoker in the back of his rig cooking some ducks for lunch when we got done.

    Those days are gone rarely do I hunt the Black anymore but I had a chance to take my Dad last year and ran into some of them still hunting and chasing birds 30 years later.

    Never saw any out of state tags back in those days and folks didnt seem to crowd each other much - most folks these days will never get to experience that.
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    No spinners and the rest did you just describe duck hunting heaven!!!!!!!!!

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    what part of the black? i grew up hunting the black river bottoms around cord.
  4. bloody acorns

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    Black River

    Grew up at Pocahontas hunting Shavers eddy area
  5. F B

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    I remember the 80's and the 2 mallard limit. That was back when there wasnt any ducks. :wink:

    We used to hunt Black Swamp alot back then and if you heard another shot it was so far away the ducks never acted like they even heard it.

    No hole runners, no long lines at the ramp, nobody set up close to you.

    Just throw a few decoys out in a hole and mostly kick the water.
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    Yep, remember the 2 duck limits, the point system, even old enough to even remember shooting paper hull shells. As far as decoy's. the first decoy's I ever hunted over was some plastic bottles Dad & Uncle has painted black & put a white X. For the most part we never used decoy's & still do not today if there is anyway to keep from it. Had some young lads walk in on us a few years back carrying 3 bags full of every kinda gadjet know to man some think they have to have to kill a duck, we just invited them to hunt with us. They wanted to know were they needed to put all there stuff at & I said where ours was would be the best place! They ask where was that & I said, "At the house!" As we told them we didn't use decoys & the likes. Confused as to how we were going to kill ducks without all their gadjets,they did what we ask & throwed all their stuff under a tree top & we instructed them what to do. A short time latter we had all our limits, never shot a duck over the top of the trees. The youngs lads had the hunt of their young lifes & had a ton of questions & comments, but one that was made has stuck with me to this day that about sums up alot of what the issues are with duck hunting today, as one of them young lads said, "I did even know you could kill a duck like this!"
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    that is the way my papaw use to do it! i love the stories like this
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    I've seen black jugs in action myself. Still find em in the woods when it's dry every now and then.
  9. BDW

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    Now that's duck hunting the way it should be. Thanks for sharing. :up:
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    thanks for the walk down memory lane. I still remember my dad carrying me in on his back cause I wasn't big enough to wade the water in hurricane. olt dr-115 calls and we just used the ducks we had shot for decoys.find a forked stick and there you go.
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    Duck Hunting...what made the good ole'days better? Lead Shot!
  12. NWA Bowhntr

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    I grew up in Marvell, and can remember the first time my dad too me duck hunting. I was 5 years old I think, he put me on his back (piggyback), grabbed a tote sack of decoys and his Winchester and headed through the timber with a couple of his buddies. When we got to the hole they were going to hunt, he sat me up on a deadfall. I got to sit there and watch him and his buddies call ducks through the timber, it was AMAZING!! For a little kid, I can't think of a better way to get them hooked on duck hunting!! My dad and his friends blew Shure Shot triple reed, and Yentzen double reed duck calls. Those were the good old days!!:up:
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    i have a sure shot around my neck every trip out:up:
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    I didn't start duck hunting till th mid 90 because of my age but this made me think from what I had then to what I got now. When I started it was a pigroue, paddle, and hip wadders with a busted up shotgun u may have gave hundred bucks for in a pawn shop. The decoys was some of the first ever made I think and look like they had been run through a meat grinder. I was in high cotton when I got my first pair of chest wadders and moved up to a trolling motor behind that pigroue only took a whole summer work to get it but I felt like a true duck hunter then. Heck days I got boat that will get me were I want to go. Just wonder what its gonna be like in another 15 years.
  15. Tony Harris

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    Killed my first duck in 73, a woodie and his brother on Little Maumelle River. Jump shooting got to be a way of life on the 'creek'. When I got old enough to drive I found Mill's Bayou near Roland. Man I missed 1st period at school almost every day. We would head in at day light, find a hole near the hardwoods, kick some water and call, mallards would fall in your lap. Of course it didn't take much shooting to limit out then but man it was a blast.

    First time I went in there just on a chance to see if there were any ducks I came to an overgrown field with grass about 2' tall and flooded. Some woodies came in and lit. Being a jump shooter I headed towards them and the field came alive. Mallards started taking off in groups of 10-20 then 40 then a 100, then the sky filled up. Had to have been 400-500 ducks in that field. I stood there with the Sweet 16 at my shoulder and my mouth open, never fired a shot. I was back the next morning though with dad and we killed our limit in a matter of minutes even with his limited calling ability. My grandfather started working with me on my calling and soon I had enough ability to cause em to turn and come in. Man for several years we had that place almost to ourselves. Thats were I learned to duck hunt, there and Harris Brake where my grandfather lived. Got some fond memories of that place and grandpa blowing that old Olt, still have his old call. I kept buying duck stamps and never went for 15 years and then just quit buying stamps. Good times, no fights, plenty of ground for all to share, enough birds for a limit on any day.

    Dad and I were at Mill's Bayou one evening to get in a quick hunt. We went to opposite sides of the field. As I walked up to my post a couple of guys walked towards me. Soon as I saw them I knew it was Mr. Green Jeans. One said 'bout quitting time' I told him I had time to kill a limit and laughed. He never asked for a license and they went towards dad. In a few minutes I had shot a limit, 2 shots and you were done. I heard dad shoot once and it was about quitting time and since I had my limit and we were in the field I unloaded, no beaver or otter in the field. I walked towards dad and saw him talking to the 2 WO's. I walked on up and they asked then if my gun was unloaded and I showed them. They laughed and asked if I knew they were WO's when I first saw them and I answered yes. They asked how and I said well, I haven't seen you here before, your bright green waders are new, and your hats with the AGFC insignia is a dead give away. they laughed and said 'this fellow asked if we wanted to see his license when we walked up', talking about dad. The other said well if I hadn't been watching when he shot those woodies I would have given him a ticket, 3 birds, one shot. About that time as it was dang near dark we heard a shot and as we looked towards the feild 3 images firing into the sky showed up, fire running out the barrels it was so late. They said, business time and hurried towards the late shooter. Turned out to be a man and his two sons. No duck stamp, over the limit, shooting after hours. It wasn't going to be a good night for them. The came back after writting tickets and talked for a while longer about duck hunting there, where most people came in from, did we hear late shooting, see over limits. Of course we answered honestly that we had seen or heard all the above. Never saw another WO there as long as I hunted it.

    I haven't duck hunted in years but I remember those days with fondness.
  16. bloody acorns

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    First ducks

    Me ann my Buddy would blow comeback calls over and over on old Yentzens. Kept at it til ducks started coming back and falling in. First time I landed over 100 just kind of set there and watched them fly off totally dumbfounded. I remember hugging a tree and shaking like a dog when those things would come over me by the hundreds. Felt pretty good about a limit. Lead was the real deal and you never had to shoot cripples - Double X # 6 -
  17. NWA Bowhntr

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    No doubt!! That's what we shot too!! I can remember shooting them with 20ga 2 3/4" #6's!!

    I took a friend back down to hunt with me one time. We hunted fields the first day and he did okay. The first time I took him in the timber to hunt he was just in awe. I remember the first group that came down in the timber in front of him, he just stood there with a mallard hovering about eye level in front of him at 10yards! He didn't know what to do! I started laughing and said are you going to stand there or shoot?:fit:

    Good times!!
  18. timv

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    No.6 XX oh yeah and 2 3/4" at that.:biggrin: