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    We hunted Rainey this weekend, felt like one of those "great" spots. We witnessed ducks, upon ducks flying on the other side of the boat lane. What kept the ducks following that path and not swaying over our area? What makes a duck pick the X for that day? How good is scout data for the following days?
  2. Been asking myself those same questions for 48 seasons now.. Sometimes its a matter of moving dekes 20 yards to the left or 30 yards to the right or waiting the magical extra 15 minutes.. Just got to see where they want to be and try to work yourself into that spot for the day.. And some days we get lucky and get it right the first time and think we have it all figured out..:up:

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    you can only imagine what makes a duck want to land in a certain spot...
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    To me its like shooting an arrow up in the air, running around in a circle, and hoping it lands on your head. The arrow being ducks in this instance, of course.
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    those leaves moved, new woods was open, and there was a thin red line :whistle:
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    hah madduck, i swear, that spot felt like it was going to be on fire. We got a few groups of 4-12 ducks to circle and that was it. They would circle five or six times and then eventually dip out, acted some what leary, but not erratic wing beat, or crazy speed ups. Im taking off the 21st through the 1st of january if your crew wants to hook up. I got your call Sun morning but then my phone went to "Searching..." never got signal again.
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    75% of duck hunting is being where the ducks want to be. In this case the famed and mythical "X". Nothing more nothing less.
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    Red paint on trees flares ducks......
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    What about all the pretty acrylic calls around necks?