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Duck Decoys *

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I have for sale some duck decoys. I have roughly 70 decoys (2 dozen GHG, 3 feeders, and the rest flambeau), a half dozen GHG Wigeon decoys new in box, a half dozen GHG Gadwall decoys new in box, and a half dozen GHG shoveler decoys new in the box. In all there is over 85+ decoys. I am sellin them without weights and strings. Price is $140. I am located in Stuttgart.

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I would like to have 2 dozen GHG mallards.
Are they the life size?
I got a couple people interested in the whole lot. If they don't buy them, I will get back with you on the GHG. I would rather get rid of all of them at once, If I can.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts