Duck call question?

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  1. bmccullough1

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    OK guys, I hope there is an expert on old duck calls here. I have an old duck call that was my Grandfathers. It has no label or logo. My grandfather passed in 1962 so it is older than that. Can anyone tell me anything about this call?

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  2. BDW

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    I can't tell you anything about it, but that's a neat old call. :up:

  3. 4hunting

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    Hard to say. Alot of older calls back then were backyard shop built copying other calls, just from looking at the design it is patterned a whole lot like an Art Beauchamp call.
  4. bmccullough1

    bmccullough1 Well-Known Member

    On the lanyard with this call was a pair of Hambones. Is there any possibility this was made by Mr Amadan?
  5. 4hunting

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    The Hambone deal does raise interest, but personally never saw a call of that design made by Mr. C.H. Knew the man personally, have several of his calls. The one you have just does not show what was his normal design. Could be an early shop built call of his before he started to market them. He kinda started making his first calls using a pattern of of the Beauchamp design. If it happen to be a pre-production Hambone, if is for sure a highly sought after piece!!!

    Here is a photo of what some of the Hambone calls he made:

    Now with that, I tell you what you do, send Cacheman a PM if he does not chim in on this thread. He is about the closest you will find to a Hambone expert. His Dad & Mr. Amaden were best friends and if C.H. built anything like this pre-production he would know & most likely might just have one like it.
  6. madduck87

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    i love how the top pic is turned backwards
  7. Hambone

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    Pretty sure Amaden did not make this call. It looks like (and I could be very wrong) an early call made buy a guy named K.W. McDonals (I think is how you spell it) anyway he was from Benton, AR and the calls of his that I have seen have the old decal on them. He made them prior to the time period you are talking about. His later calls (and again the ones I have seen had decals on them) had a wider lanyard stopper on the barrel. This one is a little more narrow than the ones I have seen, but the other characertistics fit.. He used plastic reeds as most did, but a few still used metal, and there were no markings or lines on his calls with the exception of a couple on the tail piece. This call obviously does not have any, but without holding it I would say it was made by him.

    Was your grandfather by chance from Benton as well??
  8. 4hunting

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    You right Hambone, just don't think Mr. Amaden turned this call, but it could very well be a McDonal made call. Has alot of the features found in one of his, but the insert does just not match his design. The one he has is rounded on the end, not squared off. Insert look a whole lot more like the Beachhamp call I first referanced.In 1956 he started to mass produce his calls & the were sold and Distributed through Sears/Roebuck and Montgomery Ward. They were very simple, no frills, no deals calls, kinda a brown bag type of call. Back in the day, Sears/Roebuck and Montgomery Wards were the Bass Pro Shops & Cabela's of today, it was where most average folks got all their hunting & fishing stuff from.

    Who knows, the insert does not seem to match the body in wood type, not that un-common, but it might not even be the original barrel with the original insert???

    Here is a source for a photo of the K.W. McDonal call, look at call #99. There is photo's of Beachamps competition calls on the last photo, good look at the insert ends of them. This is an interesting sight, good referance & also gives some price values!
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  9. tator222

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    wonder what an updated price list would look like on some of that stuff now.
  10. bmccullough1

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    I did not notice it was backwards!! I am not a duck hunter or caller. It has probably been over 50 years since it was pulled apart. It has been in a box in a drawer ever since my grandmother gave them to me. Some of the recent threads about grandfather's got me thinking about mine and I pulled that box out and was having some pretty good memories.
  11. bmccullough1

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    My grandfather lived in Little Rock at the time that I was aware of where he lived. He had a dump truck and drove for trucking companies to make a living. As a child I thought he knew everybody everywhere. He was one of those guys that never met a stranger.
  12. bmccullough1

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    I meant to make my previous post an answer to the question and forgot to do the quote in the post.
  13. TimberHog

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    That is a cool call !!
  14. bmccullough1

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    OK, I believe it is assembled correctly now.

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  15. cacheman

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    Doesn't look like any Hambone, that I have ever seen. Early calls did not have that wide part at the bottom of the barrell, there was only a cut out for a laynard near the bottom of the barrell.
  16. bmccullough1

    bmccullough1 Well-Known Member

    I really didn't think it is a Hambone. Just trying to find out what it is.
  17. GBacon

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    Really neat old call. Let us know once you determine what it is.
  18. bmccullough1

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    So far I am going with this opinion. Based on this info I think I know someone one that can verify. I will try to catch up with him tomorrow. This has been very interesting guys. Thanks for your opinions and info. You are why I enjoy this forum so much. I am not a duck hunter, but had an idea you guys could help me out. I am on the path of figuring this out thanks to all of you.