Duck Breasts... how do you like yours?

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  1. SARAH

    SARAH Well-Known Member

    Excited haven't had any in years got some laid out was planning on frying up a mess tonight... I like em wrapped round jalepenos filled with cream cheese to though. How you like yours?
  2. coonnutz

    coonnutz Well-Known Member

    Marinated in Italian dressing for 24Hrs then wrapped in bacon and grilled:up:

  3. Guitarzan

    Guitarzan Well-Known Member

    Fried. Make gravy out of the grease when done, and some good biscuits!
    Oh, and a cold beer.:up:
  4. SARAH

    SARAH Well-Known Member

    Gotta try italian we did carribean jerk cause I had it in the cabinet and threw em on the foreman wasnt too impressive gonna try your way next time
  5. TMHC

    TMHC Well-Known Member

    Smothered Duck

    cube duck breasts (1 inch cubes)
    dredge in flour an shake off excess
    brown in skillet and set duck aside
    add milk and more flour to the grease to make a gravy (make a lot)salt and pepper to taste
    add sliced onions and mushrooms and simmer on low for 20 to 30 min.
    add some sour cream right before serving to smooth out the gravy some
    serve over rice/buscuits
  6. ksf04001

    ksf04001 Well-Known Member

    X2 and maybe put a slice of jalapeño and onion before you wrap them in bacon.
  7. Manybeards

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    with some cream cheese in the middle :up: Oh yeah the foreman aint going to cut it. Needs to be cooked over charcoal
  8. browning_gold_12

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    ace777 cooked some duck and pheasent at the camp the other night. fileted the breasts in half, then wrapped it around a chunk of pepperjack cheese, and a slice of jalepeno, stuck a toothpick thru it then wrapped with bacon and grilled over charcoal. sit that on top of your head, and your tongue will beat your brains out to get to it1

    the best way to make waterfowl taste good, in be careful and dont over cook it. cook it bout like a medium steak. still pink but not bleeding. :up:
  9. F B

    F B Administrator Staff Member

    Kinda like browning gold except Ive never tried the cheese. I always stuffed it with some slices of onions and jalapenos after soaking it in Italian dressing.
  10. No-till Boss

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  11. SARAH

    SARAH Well-Known Member

  12. Rebel

    Rebel Well-Known Member

    I used the italian dressing marinade until I tried some Mcormick Garlic and Herb marinade. Yall should try it , should be able to find it at wal mart. Grilled with bacon of course.
  13. BDW

    BDW Premium Member<br>Merganser Slayer<br>2011 Turkey

    Marinate in orange juice for 2-3 days, then marinate in garlic and herb marinade for 2-3 days. Cut breast meat lengthwise, put a piece of smoked sausage on one side (fully cooked in the package and sliced lengthwise) and a jalapeno with cream cheese on the other side. Wrap in bacon and grill over charcoal until bacon is done. Brush with your favorite bbq sauce while cooking. Don't over-cook it.

    If it still tastes like a duck after all this, you did something wrong. :thumb:
  14. snydedawg

    snydedawg Well-Known Member

    I like to fry them just like I do deer tenderloins!!! Salt, pepper, flour and Tony C's til the whole thing looks pink!!! Fry em up nice and rare and feast!!!

    I like the way duck tastes. I've doen snow geese in an orange marinade before nad my kids loved it!

    Been wanting to ry an wine and herb marinade that I cooked some tilapia with over the summer but just haven't done it yet.

    And of course bacon wrapped on the grill is just nearly perfect!!!
  15. quackmaster_ar

    quackmaster_ar Well-Known Member

    Wrap in bacon with jalopeno and onion. Grill till bacon is done. Discard duck and eat the bacon,pepper, and onion. HAHAHA. I like it dipped in yellow mustard, rolled in flour and deep fried. Don't get much better.
  16. woodwise

    woodwise Well-Known Member

    Do the come in Double "D"s ? :biggrin:
  17. natestep

    natestep Well-Known Member

    Cut the breast cross ways in about 1/2 slabs. Dip meat in Catalina salad dressing and then wrap in bacon. Cook on the grill til bacon is done. The bacon adds flavor and the Catalina kinda puts a sweet candy coating on the breast. Dont try a piece off the grill cause it will never make it in the house.
  18. arc3162

    arc3162 Well-Known Member

    This is slightly off topic and I am really not trying to hijack your thread but I have to ask. Do different kind of ducks taste different I.E. greenheads vs woodies...etc. I see guys on here arguing and what they should kill or shouldn't, just curious if there is a difference when you get them in the frying pan. :shrug:
  19. Whispering Death

    Whispering Death Well-Known Member

    I like to soak them in Italian and bacon as well, but I also add just enough Dale's seasoning to turn the italian dark. It is slap yo momma good.
  20. Matthew.loftis

    Matthew.loftis Well-Known Member

    Yep... you should try those sweet, tender boots... I mean coots. mmmh mmmh good :biggrin: