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    Guy's, I'm remodeling my bathroom, and when I did the mud on the sheetrock on the ceiling the first time, I had a crack along the seam about 3 ft long. I figured the next step of mudding would cover it, but it also cracked after drying. I've mudded and sanded 3 times, and everytime it dries, it cracks. I even tried sanding the crack almost back to the tape, and remud, but it still comes back. Any suggestions?
  2. tmeredith

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    You may have to cut out the tape in that area and start from scratch. The joint may have a space in it that needs to be filled in with mud before you tape.

  3. thethrill

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    x2 ... cut it out and start over.
  4. OughtSix

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    If you do it correctly, the tape should pull into the crack as it dries, lay a bed coat, and a finish coat and all should come out almost smooth.

    Try thinning out your compound a little more.
  5. fisherman

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    Cool the room down some,don't want it to cold but dry a little slower.
    If you don't have time to redo it a good Patch is to fill it with dap calk and paint.
  6. lilturkeyhunter

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    And get the better fiberglass tape. Fiberglass tape is for those folks that are trying to do their own drywall. It works better than the paper tape.

    And you cannot rush it.
  7. tmeredith

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    Never, Never, NEVER!!!!! Use fiberglass tape! It will crack later.
  8. Soupcansam

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    Did you lay a bed of mud in the gap first? Then tape and just work the paper tape into the mud bed, allow this to dry a couple days. The layer te thin coat of mud over the top. really thin, allow it to dry.

    Lightly sand this andgive a finish coat. should be level IV.

    If its cracking the mud is to thick depth wise.