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Dry stands

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I have made several dry stands here in the delta since duck season is in full session. Seems like all the prime spots that I know dogs are or have been are covered up with duck hunters. I'm not complaining of the duck hunters. They have just as much right, if not more (lease wise) than I do.

I wonder if all the shooting and back road traffic is contributing factor to the no shows? Making them weary to leaving cover in the day light. Anybody else hunting around eastern deltas?
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Ruger, I believe a lot of human activity like you have will make coyotes more nocturnal. The last 15 minutes before dark should work for you as coyotes still have to eat. Keep in mind that duck season is almost over and the yotes will start mating activity in late January through March and you will probably have all of your good areas to yourself! Steve/"Dermott"
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