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    Explain your situation. I'd bet they will work with you the best they can.

    Good luck brother.
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    I imagine he would be mad. He lost a navigator payment right there.

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    Probably had to pay for his kids college too.
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    He's got faith, he doesn't need any help from them. It God wanted him to pay less he would make them cheaper at his current pharmacy. Or at least that seems to be the gist...
  5. ...??
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  6. Any luck on the drug plans yet??
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    I am fortunate that I don't take regular prescription medicine. But for those of you that seem to feel that drug companies are making a killing and ripping people off should take some of your savings and buy some of their stock. I think that if you look at their bottom line they are making money but they aren't killing it. Our wussy government hasn't enforced patent infringement. Our US companies spend all the money to do the development and testing for the FDA then other countries analyze the medicine and make it for cost with no development expenses.
    Companies have to make some kind of profit, enough to warrant investment or they don't exist for long.
  8. BR I'm not sure where the big difference in drug cost come from.. But I know from personal experience that there can be several hundred dollars difference in the cost of a prescription from one pharmacy to the next and from having a drug plan to not having a drug plan.. As one example with my plan my blood pressure medicine cost me .01 a month after I've met my deductible.. It's $10.75 before I meet my deductible which takes about 4 months to meet.. 1 mile down the road the same pills were going to cost me $57.45 a month.. You don't see that big a difference in the price of a gallon of gas from one station to the next one mile down the road but you can sure see it at pharmacies a mile apart..
  9. I've seen the same thing in other industries. I had one client that had used a certain machine shop for years without ever checking other prices or bidding out. I designed some stuff and ran it by an honest machine shop I knew, Advanced Machine in Benton. They came back with a price 25% of my customer's go to guy. He couldn't believe they had been ripping him off for so long. I'm going to deal with this believe me!

    I've also found that every med that is prescribed to me I don't necessarily need. I was prescribed some expensive pills for acid reflux that never helped a bit. I found another remedy that is good and costs nothing. I wouldn't do that with some things obviously or even think of telling someone else to. I ditched the prescription potassium and make certain that I eat the right high potassium foods. Prescription minerals, vitamins and supplements can be very pricey.

    Appreciate all of your input. We ought to look out for each other, the mfgrs are not going to.
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    That's ridiculous!
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    On medicare myself. On of the pills i am on is $600 a month , in this state . Told them - not to me it an"t . Two or three bucks in Tn. Some funding assist program kicked in . There are assistance programs out there . I don't know bout them . My wife handles it . Right now she bad off . Thinking food poisoning on the way back from my Captain's funeral _ Mainhart .
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    Deer14. Where did she get the food poisoning? I eat up and down I 40 regular.
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    Big Pharma is a racket, connected to "government", and insurance companies. It works because pharma and insurance lobby[donate $$$$$$$] politicians, and politicians pas affordable health care! That's why you see so many un-rich people signed up to obamacare...they were getting everything basically nearly free...thats why obamacare crashed...get ready to be on American Health Care: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Health_Care_Act_of_2017