Drug Bust in Mountain View

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by Sylamore, Oct 21, 2011.

  1. Sylamore

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    The owners of the Mexican restaurant on the Mountain View court square, "El Tres Amigos" were arrested today on drug charges. Part of a big drug sting here in Stone County. FBI made the arrests. :thumb:
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    Good, they were in Heber at one time if that's the same people I'm thinking of.

  3. dwight

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    i didnt even know they existed im glad they caught them!!
  4. flintknapper

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    One down, so many more to go.
  5. WyattNight

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    Send the 3 friends back down South and make em stay there.
  6. Levi

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    Hang them in the town Square for a week then send them home to Mexico in a paper Bag......:up:
  7. Sylamore

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    They are probably going to do a little jail time before they get deported. :thumb:
  8. Saltydog

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    must've been drug sweepings that they put in thier tortillas.... :fit:
    Something always drew me back... I swear, I couldn't ever go to the Square without getting some Mex food for dinner, or supper... :smack:
    Always enjoyed the meals there... glad they got busted non-the less :flag:
  9. LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- At least four restaurants and one apartment complex in central Arkansas have been shut down immediately due to the housing of "unauthorized/undocumented illegal aliens."

    After the Department of Homeland Security and local law enforcement served search warrants last week, four locations of El Tres Amigos remain closed indefinitely.

    The affidavit states probable cause for the arrest of Jose Ruben Valerio-Saldana, the manager of the four restaurants in Stone, White, Independence and Cleburne Counties.

    He states that he and his associates were "engaged in the employment and housing of unauthorized/undocumented illegal aliens."

    Additional information shows Valerio-Saldana himself is an illegal alien from Mexico.

    The Department of Finance and Administration shows there are no tax records for him from 2007 to 2010.

    The Social Security Administration verified he's not been issued a valid social security number.

    What does this mean for the restaurants? The place formerly touted the "Best Mexican Food in Town" is now under an extra close eye of the Federal government.

    Cherith Beck with the U.S. Attorney General's office in Little Rock says Valerio Saldana is in custody in Arkansas and now they take the evidence before the Grand Jury for indictment in the Eastern District of Arkansas.

    This will happen before the end of November.