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Well we left jonesboro AR around 6 o'clock thursday night. We drove straight through and made it to Florida around 3:30 Friday morning. We got about 2 hours of sleep and woke up and loaded my buddys stuff. We then got back on the road and was in Georgia around 11 Friday morning. We went out and looked at all the stands and set the hog traps. Friday afternoon I sat in stand over looking a swamp on a big hill. I was really looking for a hog so I stayed on the swamp the whole time. I heard some hogs off in the distance right before dark but never seen any. That night at camp we ate well and I got to looking at a arial view of the lease and a small hard wood flat butted up to the swamp, it was pretty thick but looked like it had a small opening where I could get some good bow shots. Well that night I decided thats where I wanted to go. The problem was that no one hunted that area because of the swamp and because it was so thick, so no one really had any tips to give me and there were no stands. Saturday morning I was dropped off on the edge of a cotton field and was told to wait till the sun came up and then go find a tree and set up. Well it was around 23 degrees that morning with almost no wind. I was almost froze by the time the sun came up. Well I spent the first 30 min's of daylight out in the cotton field searching for arrow heads. After I warmed up I made my way into the woods and found a tall strait tree right in the middle of the swamp. I had to tip toe on tree roots just to make it to the tree without sinking up to my knees in the swamp. I really wasnt even planning on hunting the set up till that afternoon but decided to go up the tree to make sure there werent any limps in the way. Well five min's after I got set up I see movement coming through the swamp, seconds later a buck walks out, he was a 3 point. This was my first georgia buck to see from the stand and I was pretty happy. Remember I was just going after hogs so it was going to take a big buck in order for me to send an arrow through him. About 30 min's later I heard some squirrels behind me going crazy, I stood up and started looking but didnt see anything. I was about to set back down when I seen some movement. I really couldnt tell what it was but I knew it was coming my way. I got ready and as it got closer I thought it was a huge coon, then I didnt know what it was till it got to about 30 yards. Then I realized it was a bobcat......and a big one at that. He was heading right toward my tree but I knew the closer he got the better the chances of him busting me. Well at about 25 yards he went behind a SMALL tree and I drew. As I was settling my anchor point he spotted me and froze. Well after about a 10 second stand off he moved alittle more from behind the tree and was angling right toward me. I knew if I didnt take the shot he was going to be gone. So I settled right on his chest and let it fly. I entered alittle to his left kinda in the neck and shoulder area, I exited behind his right shoulder and entered again in his back right leg. He didnt run an inch!!!! I had just seen and killed my first bobcat. It ended up being the first bobcat killed on the lease in over 10 years. They had seen several over the years but had never been able to pull the trigger on one. They said they were finding around 10 dead turkeys ayear because of the cats. From toe to toe he was over 3 feet long and weighted over 20 pounds!!!!!
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