Drew Brees

Discussion in 'News and Politics' started by fairweatherhunter, Jun 4, 2020.

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    In the Minneapolis thread.
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    Brees said the right thing and then took backwater.
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    I like hockey more and more everyday. White boys who love their country and their flag.
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    NBA has been history to me since Michael Jordan quit. Now I guess NFL can be. Not sure they'll ever play anyway.
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    N. Texas
    Well...Bree's didn't kiss the butt of the players that don't respect the flag or the national anthem. Sadly.....he later apologized, which was a mistake.
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    N. Texas
    Just another reason not to watch the NFL, anymore. It's as Ted Cruz says of what pro sports have become......a Political correctness police dept. for the left. If you don't say or think what they want you to, you are a racist/traitor/, etc. Nothing but a bunch of empty headed leftist bullies, trying to shame people that tell the truth about things.
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  10. He just decided he loved his money and legacy more than what he thought he believed.

    I’ve said it before, if you have a black friend don’t put him in a position to choose between you and another black.

    These white bitchs don’t understand that, but they will...
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    He will be forever on his knees now, dumb move
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  12. fairweatherhunter

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    Even if it's a Canadian or Russian flag.
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    Miniappolis mayor came to a BLM rally yesterday, was asked to bow to their cause. He said he wouldn't, they booed him off stage. How STUPID can our leaders be to not see where this is leading. How stupid can the whites be to not understand what it's all about
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    It ain't just whites my friend......its whoever.....I see no race war......

    They are called Black lives matter but rest assured just as many limp wrists are with them.....

    This any 18-30 year old who thinks they have been repressed.....

    The colleges and universities have been pushing this for awhile......
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    I lost respect for him for his lack of backbone, just another reason to never watch another NFL game.
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    Im ready for them pansies to get turned on, just like I know will happen.
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    It's to the point no matter what you do or say if your white your a racist. With that said in time its gonna make many racist that before didn't have a racist bone in their body. You hear something enough times and drilled into you knowing its false eventually some/many will say the heck with yea I'm racist and start acting on it as well. Sad to see. Back fire affect.
  19. blake101307

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    Standing up looking down upon them as if they are God. Dont understand what these folks are thinking. Serve and bend a knee to the Lord not any human being on this earth. Joshua 24:15 But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord!
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