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Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by Cwalk06, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. Cwalk06

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    my father in law has 5 acres of land surrounded by several hundred acres. A house across the street has more land and its more open due to the 3-4 horses they have. The neighbor also have a deer stand up, not sure if he hunts out of it, but he has a nice spread. I know I cant compete with the land he has but my father in law has seen a few deer in his yard every now and then but usually at nite. He also gave me permission to put out corn or whatever to bait in some deer( where i live its legal). What can I do to attract deer from my neighbor property to mine. I have seen deer droppings so I know their there just a little skiddish. Its late season now and only bow season . How can I get them and keep them there
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    Feed them. Late season they are looking for food. Find a good spot with easy access and some cover and sit out some corn. You can lure them by using a vanilla scent deer love the smell. Once they find the corn and notice that it is there everyday they will start coming around.

  3. Cwalk06

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    I did that too. I set up some pipe feeders about 50 yards apart. corn is gone but deer dont come during daylight. So now what do I do?
  4. Hip

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    feeders with timers would work better since they will pattern their feeding time when the timre goes off. but this late in the year you should be feeding more nutrient food than corn imo...
  5. Cwalk06

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    whats a good nutrient?
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    We have the same issue you do, they are all over at night, but scarce during the day. I think its in part due to stress. Most of us stay out of the woods until season starts, then all of a sudden we make a heavy presence. They notice, and react. (If you had a bear start hanging out in your living room all day, you would quickly learn to avoid your living room during the day.)

    I almost always see them in the yard after dark via my headlights when I get home from picking up my son, so we started watching them. What general area are they standing in, which direction do they run, etc. Then we have gone out during day light and see what is in the areas where they have the heaviest presence. Grass. Its been so warm here, the grass is growing. They are where the grass is, avoiding our corn.
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    It's easier to set up closer to deer than to draw them in....most especially bucks. I used to be a hardcore deer hunter, and have gone into the thickest places and sat down....watched deer go by less than 15 yards from me. Of course...it's hard to shoot a bow from that position, but there's no reason why you cant get high up a tree. But the whole rub to this is scouting. You must do the work to get the prize. I can't do it anymore, but I've been broke up nearly as bad as Knevil. Another trick is to approach the deer travel routes from a right angle, that way there's less chance you'll get busted. In the early season, rub persimmons on you for scent control, and this time of year use green cedar needles.
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    I think the problem is that the person only has 5 acres to work with.
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    I hope ther isnt any tame deer around or they will get shot!!:down:
  10. John Stiles

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    I remember back when I only had two.:up:
  11. Cwalk06

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    Sure will. Is there such thing as a tamed deer. Probably just as tame as a raccon.:fit:
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    put a feeder out with a timer and they will come.
  13. woodsnwater

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    Find stand location, put out feed , and limit trips in there. Pattern them not let them pattern you..