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First off I'm a NON-SMOKER
Size is XL and its Insulated. Its the Drake Water-Proof System material. Its in exc condition. All zippers and snaps work. No rips, tears, or snags.
2 Hand warmer pockets up high. 2 Slash pockets up high for duck calls, remotes for collars, gps, cell phone, etc
2 inside pockets for duck calls, etc. 2 big zipper pockets that prob hold 2 box of shells. 2 spring open pockets with loops for when you need shells FAST :up:
2 more big hand warmer pockets behind shell pockets.
Big built in zippered game/storage (kinda like a back pack type pocket 10"x16") on back thats really handy. It'll hold ducks, gloves, head gear stuff.
Removable hood.

12 pockets plus a built in game bag or storage on back. Best jacket Drake ever made and they stopped making them couple years ago….. $150

***** THIS IS THE BIG POCKET ON THE BACK 10"x16" *****

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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