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Myself my cousin and brother went out this morning to a place were they observed a big boss taken care of a few of the ladies yesterday afternoon. We listen for a few minutes and hear several bird gobbling all around us but the big boy never got fired up so we went down the road a ways and sat up were they had last seen him on this road In the process of puting the decoy out a lone hen deside to swipe the side of my head and fly down to the decoy we had just placed so we started doin the flydown cacle and beating wings so it would sound like a whole herd of them coming down. Well it did the trick because we got sat up and my brother says here they come at first they looked like crows because they were so far away. Then he ays they are running get ready they closed a distince of about a quater mile inabout five minuts trying to get to the ole decoy. the only thing that was wrong with them was they weren't the big boys that had been spotted the day before the were some older jakes and one tom . man they were hammerin like they was full growed birds though. my cousin was going to film for us because he is already tagged out , but he didn't have time to get the camera sat up. I was bout 10 feet deeper in the woods than my brother so we had to let them get within 20 steps before I could get a good shot. Here are a few pics.
My brother Jake, Cousin Wesley, Myself and Mason

Wesley and Jake
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