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Discussion in 'Small Game and Bird Hunting' started by fredbear, Dec 27, 2010.

  1. fredbear

    fredbear Member<br>2010 Turkey Contest Winner or my dog.

    I got a 8 month old Brittany last Feb. with all intensions of training him so I could take him pheasant hunting this winter. Long story short, we didn't get to go. Anyway, he has his basic obedance (sp?) down pretty good but has never been around birds...until yesterday.

    About a month ago I was going to check a trail cam on my dad's place. I opened the truck door and before my feet could hit the ground a covey of quial got up. I was shocked. I really didn't think much about it though considering that is the first covey I have seen over there in 10 years. Well, I was talking to a neighbor that takes his squirrel dogs down there yesterday and he said he had seen them down there last week. I had a lot to do yesterday but somehow I got it all done a little early. I went to the house and picked up a shotgun just in case. We got down to where I had seen them and sure enough he pointed. I kicked up a covey of about 12 birds and killed a bird with one shot on the covey rise and let the rest go. I saw the bird fall but it was in waist high sage. I got Mack, my dog, over to where it fell and he pointed the dead bird. He stayed on point with the bird less that 6inches from his nose for 2 or 3 minutes. Needless to say I was pretty excited....but I'm not sure I was as excited as Mack was.

    By the way, this is the first bird dog I have ever worked with and the first wild quail I have ever killed. My dad was a big quail hunter but he quit because the lack of birds before I got old enough to hunt.
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    That is awesome! :thumb:

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    that is awesome... where are you (the quail) roughly?

    i just got a springer spaniel, which is a flushing dog instead of a pointing dog, but a bird dog none the less. i hope to take in him on my kansas pheasant hunts and duck hunting when the weather isnt too cold.
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    Thats great! I would love to see some pics of your dog:up:
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    That's awesome. My dad's a bird dog guy, and that's how I was introduced to hunting. Sometimes I think about getting a dog, and it would be a Britanny for sure, but I'm busy enough as is.
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    Here is a pic I have on my computer from last year. He is just a little more filled out now.

    The birds were in central AR. It is the only covey I have heard of anybody seeing around here. I'm not going to kill another bird out of that covey. I really didn't want to shoot that one but I think that I did the right thing for the dog's sake.
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    I love the dog but he stays at my mom and dad's. He has to have plenty of room to run. He will be 2 yr. old in May and he has calmed down a lot but he is still very energtic.....and love attention.

    He is the first dog I have ever trained. We have both learned a lot over the last year.
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    def the right thing for the dog... we have a couple (i think more than one) covey on our lease... hempstead county

    beautiful dog. BOL
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    That is a good look'n one you have there. Glad you both were rewarded for your work.
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    Thanks for sharing that pic:up: Beautiful dog...