dohoneys boone

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  1. niterage272

    niterage272 Well-Known Member

    anyone know the pedigree behind him?
  2. gunslinger66

    gunslinger66 Well-Known Member

    Boone's sire was Dohoney's mike out of Allens buckeye ranger and Rowlands buckeye lucy after this is listed as unknown

    His dam was Dohoney's superstar out of spring creek rock and Dohoney's cadillac

    Boone was a coondog and a good looking hound, Mike Dohoney was one of the great ones back in the day.

  3. niterage272

    niterage272 Well-Known Member

    how many where titled gunslinger?
  4. gunslinger66

    gunslinger66 Well-Known Member

    Boone and SC Rock-Gntch
    Mike, Cadillac and SC CB-ntch

    Buckeye ranger & lucy went back to unknowns and cb went to ntch Finley river chief
  5. Houdini

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    And a partiridge in a pear tree.........

    Are y'all speakin' pig latin....?????????
  6. englishdawgs

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    No they are speakin TREEING WALKER! LOL!!! Dohoneys walkers were so of the best lookin walkers I have ever seen.