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Discussion in 'Huntin' Dogs' started by BigT, Dec 13, 2010.

  1. BigT

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    My 8 month old Laika finally treed his first squirrel and barked at it. This was his first time to bark while treed. He has treed two other times, but hasn't barked.
  2. SalineRiver

    SalineRiver Well-Known Member

    Your laika won't bark much. They were bred for that purpose so they wouldn't spook the game too much.

    Something pretty important is if they tree you HAVE to go to it. If not they won't stay on the tree because there won't be that reward at the end (heart, lungs, liver, foot etc but no intestines or stomach). referrencing your post of not wanting to go down the ravines. My laika helps shed about 20 pounds in the winter from chasing her.

  3. cbradley

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    Its an awesome feeling when your hard work and training pays off! Just because he has treed/barked, dont expect him to be a pro from here on. I found myself getting frustrated with my mt curr pup bc he would make mistakes on some tracks right after he treed one perfectly. They learn things from every trip to the woods that will eventually compile to make you an awesome hunting partner.