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One of my best friends has two shock collars for sell. They are:

Dogtra 2000 NCP

Dogtra 2000 NCP Remote Dog Training Collar
N=Nick, C=Continuous and P=Pager/Vibration
Dogtra 2000NCP - Range = 1 Mile
*Dogtra 2000NCP is being replaced by the Dogtra 2200NCP.
The ONLY difference between the two collars are very minor cosmetic changes!

The Dogtra 2000 NCP offers both constant (continuous) and nick (momentary) stimulation controlled by the patented rheostat dial on your transmitter. And the popular pager (vibration) feature.
A superb training system - the Dogtra 2000 NCP provides a new ''standard'' in performance. Professional and serious amateur trainers who are already using this new training system state that with the superb results they are achieving, there is now a genuine alternative available for the many different training needs surrounding the working dog industry.

The Dogtra 2000 NCP was designed especially for highly charged dogs which push the envelope in whichever type discipline they were bred for and trained to perform in.

12 Volt Field Charger

Additional features include:

Completely waterproof transmitter and receiver.
Reliable 1 mile range with no external antenna on the collar -
Rechargeable NiMH batteries
Built to meet the demands of training high-energy, athletic dogs.
The 2000 NCP series by Dogtra features: rechargeable Ni-Mh batteries, 1 mile range, a rugged collar with a metal buckle and leash loop. The Dogtra 2000 NCP has the popular 'pager' (P) feature that provides a vibrating non-electrical stimulus (like a phone pager) that may be used to get your dog's attention or as a cue for a command such as 'Here".

Suitable for use in the harshest conditions. The Dogtra 2000 NCP Series hand-held transmitter and receiver are rugged and waterproof.

He also has the EDT 200:

Compact and Waterproof with 20 intensity leves suitable for every temperament of dog. Also features a pager/warning vibration mode useful for oversensitive or hearing impaired dogs.

I "googled" both collars to get some info. I own a Dogtra 2000 NCP myself. I cannot say a bad word about it. The only reason my friend is selling both is because his wife bought him a two dog system for Christmas.

I believe he would take $100-150 for the Dogtra and $75-100 for the DT EDT 200. Please contact him with any questions. His name is Mike and his phone number is 501-912-2005. Leave a message if he doesn't answer, he will call you back.


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I dont know. Mike should be able to answer your questions. I would guess less than 3-5 years. I bought my Dogtra first while I was still training. My daughter was about 1 year old. She is six now. I know Mike didn't have his dog then. I am not sure. The DT came some time later after he got another dog. At least that is the way I remember it, but I am getting old.

It still looks good. I haven't check it for functuality (if that's even a word). I cant even remember where mine is now that I have thought of it. I loaned it out, but don't remember who to...............
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