Dog sickness

Discussion in 'Ask the Vet' started by Whistling wings, Apr 1, 2018.

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    Hey guys just wondering if any of you or maybe a vet is on here might could give me some ideas to what's wrong.Yesterday my chessie started acting real weak.She's also been drinking a lot and throwing up.Buffalo gnats are out I'm wondering if they might have made her sick.She goes in and out but have been trying to keep her inside since gnats out.I've seen her sick before and throw up over something she probably ate but it didn't last this long.I know of some horses and deer already that have been killed by the gnats.My vets out of town so I have to wait until Monday just concerned about my girl.I'm pretty sure she either ate something or it's gnats just wondering if yall might of had some similar issues.
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    My MT Curr has Ehrlichia - a tick borne illness. It makes him very lethargic and he does throw up some. He does seem to keep his appetite. First came down with it 18 months ago. Just had a second round of it last week. He also developes soreness in some of his joints. Good luck finding out what is wrong with your chessie.