Dog can’t hold his pee

Discussion in 'Ask the Vet' started by mr4pt, Feb 19, 2020.

  1. mr4pt

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    I have a 1/2 English bulldog who is 6 years old. We noticed pee on the carpet a few months ago and started putting him in a kennel at night to sleep. He starts whining around 3 am every morning to be let out and go pee.

    Is there a medicine I can give him to help this situation? My wife wants him gone but he is my favorite dog I’ve ever had
  2. ArkGirl

    ArkGirl Moderator Staff Member

    Does he have free access to the outdoors to pee during the day? Does he get a good walk/chance to pee before bed?

    Is he drinking more water than he used to? Have you had a senior blood panel (CBC/serum chemistries) done since this started? Any urinalysis done?
    With the relatively short average life expectancy of the English bulldog...he is a senior. If you havent... it is time for a senior physical. That for me is a physical exam, senior blood panel and urinalysis. He may well be dealing with early kidney disease, or urinary issues that he simply can't hold it as long as he could before. Or metabolic/systemic issue that has him drinking more which of course means he needs to go more often. And he is at least trying to tell you he needs to go. He's trying. And as a senior dog now is when he needs ya!

    Just saw this is in tha ask the vet area. Most of you know I was a vet tech for many years before I moved to research...but I'm not a vet.
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  3. mr4pt

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    He is in and out most days when it’s cold, outside more than inside when it’s warmer

    We let him out 30 minutes before bedtime each night. Not drinking any more or less water than usual
  4. Saltydog

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    Ash Flat
    Have him checked for diabetes.... if he is your favorite, I bet he gets more than his share of treats.
  5. Kodiac

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    Are his hips healthy?
  6. Hivernan

    Hivernan Well-Known Member

    So is normal 8 beers? Maybe cut him back to a sixer.
  7. ArkGirl

    ArkGirl Moderator Staff Member

    Take him in for senior bloodwork and urinalysis. Go from there.
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  8. Onetrakd

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    Without being too rude I’m gonna have to side with Mrs. 4pt. After all even the female mod of the site says he’s already living on borrowed time.
  9. tmeredith

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    Maybe he saw a squatch peaking in the windows in the middle of the night.
  10. Mule man

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    We had an inside Boston terrier that started that around 9-10. The vet took a bladder stone out of him as big as my thumb. He only weighed 12 or 13 pounds.
  11. 4hunting

    4hunting Well-Known Member

    Just saw this tread,take Arkgirl's advice. One of the first signs you will notice in dogs, particularly older dogs that something is not right is trouble holding pee where they had not before and the increase in water intake.
  12. shady2

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    Time for a new dog
  13. ArkGirl

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    Dogs are a man's best friend...just maybe not Shady's best friend
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  14. shady2

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    Love hate relationship
  15. bogob

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    Arkgirl ""Dogs are a man's best friend..."

    Amen to that.

    A dog will love you unconditionally.
    Not to many people will.
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  16. John Stiles

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    I let my dog out when I’m ready for bed. Not even 2 minutes...we stay outside until the job is done then straight to bed! Then straight outside in the morning, before anything else!
  17. Buckrub

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    John, you can prove their love, and also find out who loves you more. Just put your dog and your wife in the trunk. Drive around in the hot sun for about 3 hours. Stop, and open trunk. See which one loves you instantly, and which one wants to kill you.
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  18. docspray

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    Time for a vet. He could have a number of things from simple to complicated. There are good medications that can help with his problem. Been there done that. Watch the dog for any trouble walking or seizure type activity.
  19. Johnjpa808

    Johnjpa808 Well-Known Member

    My dog used to do this and after being tested he had crystals in his urinary track and had diabetes. After special urinary care food and shots we had to put him down. We bought him a few years though.
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