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Dog Box

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I have a new camoflauge fiberglass dog box with two doors. retails 500.00. will sell for 300.00.
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I will have pic on here in just a bit. Brian Dedrick:
how wide is it I need to know if it will fit in my truck

It will fit in a full size truck i will get measurements this afternoon. brian
Did you ever get the measurements on the dog box?
Do you still have the box? If you do, were you able to get measurements on it? Would German Shorthairs fit in box? I would be interested in looking a it this weekend.
Hey dog doc (Chris) glad ya finally made it.
Hey dog doc (Chris) glad ya finally made it.
Hey thanks for helping me get on finally. What do you do when they don't respond to questions? Is there another mode of contacting people on this web site? Thanks
Where did you come up with Possum? Armadillo came to mind.
You can send him a PM by clicking on his name (it pull down another window and that's one of the options) but he actually hasn't been on-line since the 11th.

BTW....I didn't have nothing to do with you being able to get on.
Not trying to get you into trouble, but we have a couple of spots open on the pheasant trip. If you or you and Caleb wanted to go, you would be more than welcome. I haven't heard Jodie say whether you bidr hunt or not, but this is a really good time. Goodgroup of guys. Its the first week of November, South Dakota. I will warn you that this is a very addictive form of hunting. If you are interested, let me know and I'll get you the website to evaluate
Yeah, get me the web-site and I'll check it out. I've never been much of a bird hunter but of course you got to have birds to hunt.
Hey Chris.......Don't let ole possum fool ya..........He's my bother-in-law.....I think he knew you thought you were talkin to me. He'll do anything to get in on a huntin trip.
Chris, I don't know who this Jam character is but all he seems to do is try to start trouble in every thread he posts in. :whistle:
Would a three legged, one eye, pot bellied pig fit in that?
Hawg Dawg, you could fit a goat in there if you wanted to, I however dont know if an elephant would fit, dam sometimes when my old lady acting up, I go sleep in there and have plenty of room. Brian
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