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  1. I have heard of folks that weren't seeing doe's so I thought I would post a picture of some doe's:biggrin:


    I actually had 7 more come out but my camera battery was dead.:frown:
  2. Bowman

    Bowman Well-Known Member

    Here are a few I saw the other day
    I counted 12 that day

  3. I need to buy another rechargeable battery. I had 15 in all but the battery went dead.

    I think they know the modern gun/muzzleloader is over cause they were everywhere yesterday at all times of the day.

    You know it was pretty quiet those last days of the gun seasons.

    My bow needs a new string or I would be out somewhere. It's on my to do list soon.
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    nice pics pretty food plot also
  5. BuzzBait

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  6. I think bowman's is a foodplot but those of mine are feeding in a freshly bush hogged pasture. They have eaten my plots down pretty hard and they ain't little plots.
    I am gonna put some fertilizer on my plots soon to help boost them.

    The deer seem to love fresh mowed fields even when you do them in the fall.

    I am gonna finish cutting that field soon before spring. I leave certain areas uncut until summer for turkeys and other small animals.

    I have enjoyed sitting on that field after I mow is a true sight to see hawks seek out rats from the stand. I have fattened up a few hawks by cutting that grass down making it easier for them to see those rodents.
  7. Bowman

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    My spot is a wheat field its a (farmer)friend of mines, I dont hunt that field very much, I used to have a stand right there in that corner by the deer. The Pics were taken off a county road that runs in front of the field.

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    Saturday afternoon, from about 3 p.m. till slap dark...GM and I watched 25 deer and 1 bobcat....all of the deer, as far as we could tell, were doe....except 3 spikes, a nubbin, and a good 8...he just wasn't legal.......but all were between 100 yards and 350 yards............on the green wheat patch........