does anyone still coon hunt?

Discussion in 'General Hunting Topics' started by dudeman, Dec 11, 2012.

  1. dudeman

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    I hear old timers talk how they didn't have problems with coons and now it's just got rediculious . We need more coon hunters. I got a corn farmer that is just getting wore out by them. We re in woodruff county so anyone local interested to get after them after deer season pm me and I ll relay it to him. Would be nice to drag along . What's a successful night? There cleaning out corn fields and then the other day they found away to get inside the feeder I know it's crazy. Just can't afford to feed them all . There would be dozens each night at every corn fielder it's a joke.
  2. BowHunter21

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    We tree'd n knocked out 2 coon tonight

  3. englishdawgs

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    Wish I was closer I would like to get in thick coons to train some pups! Still alot of coonhunters out there! Some like me are into it tree coons not kill everyone in the country and we manage them like yall do deer! When I say that it is thin coons no were near the numbers your talking about some of them need thinned out for sure!!
  4. matthewrbarnard

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    Treed 5, killed 5 tonight. Shooting for 250 coons before march.
  5. Saltydog

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    Ash Flat
    I listened to some hounds running last night in the bottoms below our house - sounded great!
    Hope to hear that music more often :up:
  6. 4hunting

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    After deer season, everything now has to take a back seat to deer hunting. There is 99% of the problem why there is so many coon now & not many coon hunter's, or should I say dog hunters in general now day. This dang 5 month long deer season!!!!!! When is a dog hunter suppose to run a dog that it does not interfere with a deer hunt? Dand deason now goes from the middle of September all the way to the end of Febuary!! Heck, nowdays deer season comes in before rabbit season does!!! I used to be an advid dog hunter, had coon dogs and rabbit dogs alike. Had some of the best of both!!! Back in the day when we had some down time from deer hunting, folks would beg you to bring over your rabbit dogs to their place for a hunt. Had more places to go than had time to go. Same with the coon hunting, everyone wanted to go cause that was what there was to do. Now, no one wants you within 100 miles of their place cause it is deer season & they think you might run off a nanny. Even on the public land where all have a right, some think a dog hunter has no right to do it there also, there is a constent pizzing match going on between squirell dog hunters and folks deer hunting.
  7. I am waiting on a new bolt for my grandfathers 22. When that gets here I am starting back up with coon hunting. I haven't done it in years. My neighbor has some dogs and he is an avid coon hunter. I grew up coon hunting and can't wait to start back up.
  8. Golden09

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    I wish dad still had his dogs, they live in wiville, or we'd come take care if the problem
  9. gundogs

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    I may not hunt quite as hard as I used to, but there have been years I hunted as many as 300 nights. Wife, kids, and work take their toll, and I may not make 200 now.
    All other forms of hunting take a distant back seat to coon hunting for me. Bought and sold dogs all over the country, hunted all over the south. Wish I was closer, bet we could make a dent in 'em!
  10. timber lizard

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    Have 2 honest to goodness coon dogs. Won't run deer one will run a red fox a little but you always find her treed on a coon. I will kill all I tree if that's what you want. Be glad for you to go along. I'm a honest person and won' t mess with your stuff. Can bring my camper and stay a few days. Not faraway West Poinsett County